Fighter Feats
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Acrobatic Strike
Your dexterous maneuvers and skilled acrobatics allow you to slip past a foe's defenses and deliver an accurate strike.  Fighter bonus feat
Active Shield Defense
Your expert use of your shield allows you to strike at vulnerable foes even when you forgo your own attacks in favor of defense.  Fighter bonus feat
Adaptable Flanker
When you and an ally team up against a foe, you know how to maximize the threat your ally poses to ruin your target's defense.  Fighter bonus feat
Agile Shield Fighter
You are skilled in combining your shield bash attack with an armed strike. When you use your shield in unison with a weapon, your training allows you to score telling blows with both.  Fighter bonus feat
Aid Giver
You can aid all of your allies to a much greater effect.  Fighter bonus feat
Armor Dance
Maztican armor is highly decorated with bright paints, animal skins, and dyed feathers. You are trained to use your armor to its best advantage, and you distract and misdirect your opponents with its flurry of decorations and movement.  Fighter bonus feat
Armor Specialization
Through long wear and hours of combat, you have trained your body to believe in its armor. Where others flinch, you confront. When the sword falls, your instincts, born of bruises and rent flesh, present your cuirass, cuisse, helm, or gorget to meet the blade at the perfect angle, causing it to skitter off harmlessly.  Fighter bonus feat
You know how to defend yourself with a battleaxe.  Fighter bonus feat
You can strike quickly when your opponent's back is turned.  Fighter bonus feat
Ballista Proficiency
You have trained in ballista operation.  Fighter bonus feat
Battle Dancer
You strike at your foes in time with the music you sing or in cadence with an oration you deliver. The magical power of your bardic performance drives you forward and improves your fighting ability.  Fighter bonus feat
Battle Hardened
You can fight multiple opponents and cause them to get into each other's way.  Fighter bonus feat
Beast Strike
Your martial training makes full use of your natural weapons in unarmed combat.  Fighter bonus feat
Blade Meditation
You have learned a meditation that grants you insight into the martial disciplines you have studied.  Fighter bonus feat
Block Arrow
You can block incoming arrows with your shield.  Fighter bonus feat
Blood-Spiked Charger
You throw yourself into the fray, using your spiked armor and spiked shield to tear your opponents to pieces.  Fighter bonus feat
Acting as one mind in two bodies, you and your pet enjoy a nearly perfect symmetry in battle, making it very easy for you to keep your opponents off balance. Handle Animal 5 ranks, trained pet.  Fighter bonus feat
You can ready ranged weapons surprisingly quickly.  Fighter bonus feat
Bow Feint
You can mislead an opponent in combat from a distance.  Fighter bonus feat
Breath Control
You enjoy an almost legendary ability to master the air in your lungs.  Fighter bonus feat
Brutal Strike
You can hatter foes senseless with your mace, morningstar, quarterstaff, or flail. Few victims are willing to stand toe-to-toe with a warrior known for knocking his foes witless with a single strike.  Fighter bonus feat
Brutal Throw
You have learned how to hurl weapons to deadly effect.  Fighter bonus feat
Canny Opportunist
You have studied many special combat maneuvers to recognize them and react quickly to your opponent's tactics.  Fighter bonus feat
Charming the Arrow
You have a gift with ranged weapons. The force of your personality enables you to "convince" them to fly straight and true.  Fighter bonus feat
Chosen Foe
At the expense of attention to other distractions, you focus on a single opponent to give you a decided advantage while fighting against him.  Fighter bonus feat
You can follow through with powerful blows.  Fighter bonus feat
Clever Opportunist
When an unwary opponent gives you an opportunity, you use it to change positions with your foe.  Fighter bonus feat
Close-Quarters Fighting
You are skilled at fighting at very close range and in evading grappling attempts.  Fighter bonus feat
Close-Quarter Defense
You are unusually effective at defending your space.  Fighter bonus feat
Combat Acrobat
Your acrobatics and agility in combat allow you to maneuver across the battlefield with ease. You stay on your feet and speed over difficult terrain due to your superior athleticism and acrobatic talents.  Fighter bonus feat
Combat Engineer
You can pinpoint weaknesses in materials, helping you destroy them.  Fighter bonus feat
Combat Expertise
You are trained at using your combat skill for defense as well as offense  Fighter bonus feat
Combat Intuition
Your keen understanding of your opponent's moves and your instinctive feel for the flow of combat enable you to shrewdly assess your opponent's combat capabilities.  Fighter bonus feat
Cometary Collision
You are a thunderbolt of destruction on the battlefield. By carefully timing your charge, you rush forward and slam into an enemy just as he gathers the speed needed to charge you. You turn your opponent's momentum against him.  Fighter bonus feat
Companion Guard Style
You've been trained in the combat style of the gray elven Companion Guard of Celene.  Fighter bonus feat
Constant Guardian
By paying careful attention to nearby allies and reducing the accuracy of your attacks, you help protect your companions.  Fighter bonus feat
Coordinated Shot
You are extraordinarily talented at making ranged attacks past your allies.  Fighter bonus feat
Crossbow Sniper
You are skilled in lining up accurate, deadly shots with your crossbow. Perhaps you add custom-made sights to your weapon, or you have learned to maximize the stability and precision the weapon offers.  Fighter bonus feat
Dancing Blade
You have an energetic fighting style modeled after traditional Salkirian dancing.  Fighter bonus feat
Daring Warrior
You combine agility and extraordinary combat prowess to great effect.  Fighter bonus feat
Daunting Presence
You are skilled at inducing fear in your opponents.  Fighter bonus feat
Deadeye Shot
You carefully line up a ranged attack, timing it precisely so that you hit your opponent when his guard is down. When your target is busy dealing with an ally's melee attack, you strike.  Fighter bonus feat
Deadly Concussion
Your shattering rhythms pass through armor to rattle your opponent's bones.  Fighter bonus feat
Deadly Defense
You are at your most dangerous when forced to protect yourself.  Fighter bonus feat
Defensive Archery
You can avoid attacks of opportunity when making ranged attacks while threatened.  Fighter bonus feat
Defensive Expert
You excel at fighting while entrenched.  Fighter bonus feat
Defensive Opportunist
You patiently parry and avoid your opponent's blows while waiting for just the right opening.  Fighter bonus feat
Defensive Strike
You can turn a strong defense into a powerful offense.  Fighter bonus feat
Defensive Sweep
You sweep your weapon through the area you threaten, warding away opponents and forcing them to move away or suffer a fearsome blow.  Fighter bonus feat
Deflect Arrows
You can deflect incoming arrows, as well as crossbow bolts, spears, and other projectile or thrown weapons.  Fighter bonus feat
Demonsworn Knight
A scornful champion of the demon princes, you detest and oppose devils and other creatures that refuse to heed the call of chaos.  Fighter bonus feat
Dire Flail Smash
You have mastered the style of fighting with the dire flail and have learned to deal thunderous blows with the weapon.  Fighter bonus feat
Disrupting Strike
The control you exercise over your beast within allows you control over others with the ability to change their shape.  Fighter bonus feat
Distracting Attack
You are skilled at interfering with opponents in melee.  Fighter bonus feat
You are adept at dodging blows.  Fighter bonus feat
Double Hit
You can react with your off hand to make an additional attack along with an attack of opportunity.  Fighter bonus feat
Double Team (Animal)
Your pet knows how to knock enemies off balance to give you yet another edge in battle.  Fighter bonus feat
Double Weapon Disarm
You are practiced at disarming opponents that wield double weapons.  Fighter bonus feat
Dual Strike
You are an expert skirmisher skilled at fighting with two weapons. Your extensive training with two weapons allows you to attack with both while moving through a chaotic combat or fighting a running battle.  Fighter bonus feat
Earth Fist
Your bond with the earth and martial training has imbued your fists with the qualities of cold iron.  Fighter bonus feat
Efficient Pull
You can draw a composite bow with a heavier pull than you should be able to.  Fighter bonus feat
Elusive Dance
Your training in dance allows you to mirror and anticipate an opponent's moves.  Fighter bonus feat
Exotic Shield Proficiency
Choose an exotic shield, such as a gauntlet shield or battle cloak. You are proficient with that type of exotic shield.  Fighter bonus feat
Exotic Weapon Proficiency
Choose any type of exotic weapon, such as dire flail or shuriken (see Weapons for a list of exotic weapons). You understand how to use that type of exotic weapon in combat.  Fighter bonus feat
Exploit Adjustment
Your skill at finding and exploiting opportunities is such that you can find openings in even the smallest movements.  Fighter bonus feat
Far Shot
You can get greater distance out of a ranged weapon.  Fighter bonus feat
Fear No Binds
Shackles, ropes, and binds offer no impediment to your impressive fighting skills.  Fighter bonus feat
Fierce Mind
The beast within you knows no fear. You may call upon its ferocity to see you through your darkest hours.  Fighter bonus feat
Fiery Fist
By channeling your ki energy, you sheathe your limbs in magical fire. Your unarmed strikes deal extra fire damage.  Fighter bonus feat
Fiery Ki Defense
You channel your ki energy into a cloak of flame that injures all who attempt to strike you.  Fighter bonus feat
Find Flaw
Years of experience in bashing your way through problems has given you an insight into the most efficient way to batter things to pieces. You know just where to hit things in order to destroy them as rapidly as possible.  Fighter bonus feat
Fist of The Heavens
Your stunning attack is empowered by celestial might.  Fighter bonus feat
When fighting unarmored opponents, you excel at twisting your weapon just before impact. This motion rips and tears at your foe's flesh, causing intense pain. This attack is wholly ineffective against armored foes, but it tears through natural defenses.  Fighter bonus feat
Flay Foe
You are skilled at flaying the flesh from your enemy's bones.  Fighter bonus feat
Freezing The Lifeblood
You can paralyze a humanoid opponent with an unarmed attack.  Fighter bonus feat
Your experience fighting giants has given you a tactical advantage against them.  Fighter bonus feat
You are skilled at inducing opponents to attack you.  Fighter bonus feat
Graceful Edge
Choose one type of one-handed slashing melee weapon, such as a scimitar or longsword for which you have already selected the Weapon Focus feat. You wield this weapon with an almost unnatural grace.  Fighter bonus feat
Greater Heavy Armor Optimization
You have mastered the use of heavy armor, maximizing its protective qualities while moving more easily in it.  Fighter bonus feat
Greater Manyshot
You are skilled at firing many arrows at once, even at different opponents.  Fighter bonus feat
Greater Powerful Charge
You can charge with extra force.  Fighter bonus feat
Greater Two-weapon Defense
When fighting with two weapons, your defenses are extraordinarily strong.  Fighter bonus feat
Greater Weapon Focus
Choose one type of weapon, such as greataxe, for which you have already selected Weapon Focus. You can also choose unarmed strike or grapple as your weapon for purposes of this feat. You are especially good at using this weapon.  Fighter bonus feat
Greater Weapon Specialization
Choose one type of weapon, such as greataxe, for which you have already selected Weapon Specialization. You can also choose unarmed strike or grapple as your weapon for purposes of this feat. You deal extra damage when using this weapon.  Fighter bonus feat
Great Cleave
You can wield a melee weapon with such power that you can strike multiple times when you fell your foes.  Fighter bonus feat
Great Stag Berserker
Your fighting style employs aggressive charges in the manner of your lodge's totem animal.   
You are skilled in using grenadelike weapons. You excel at tossing them to just the right spot to maximize the amount of damage they cause as they burst open upon the battlefield.  Fighter bonus feat
Hand Crossbow Focus
Your hand crossbow attacks gain accuracy and speed.  Fighter bonus feat
Hellbound Knight
A devoted disciple of the Nine Hells, you have sworn to strike down creatures that oppose law and threaten tyranny.  Fighter bonus feat
Hurling Charge
You are trained in using thrown weapons as part of a charge attack.  Fighter bonus feat
Improved Armor Dance
You at an expert at using armor to its best advantage  Fighter bonus feat
Improved Buckler Defense
You can attack with an off-hand weapon while retaining a buckler's shield bonus to your Armor Class.  Fighter bonus feat
Improved Bull Rush
You know how to push opponents back.  Fighter bonus feat
Improved Combat Expertise
You have mastered the art of defense in combat.  Fighter bonus feat
Improved Critical
Choose one type of weapon, such as longsword or greataxe. With that weapon, you know how to hit where it hurts.  Fighter bonus feat
Improved Diversion
You can create a diversion to hide quickly and with less effort.  Fighter bonus feat
Improved Feint
Your are skilled at misdirecting your opponent's attention on combat.  Fighter bonus feat
Improved Grapple
You are skilled in martial arts that emphasize holds and throws.  Fighter bonus feat
Improved Mounted Archery
You can make ranged attacks from a mount almost as well as you can from the ground.  Fighter bonus feat
Improved Overrun
You are skilled at knocking down opponents.  Fighter bonus feat
Improved Precise Shot
Your ranged attacks can ignore the effects of cover or concealment.  Fighter bonus feat
Improved Rapid Shot
You are an expert at firing weapons with exceptional speed.  Fighter bonus feat
Improved Shieldmate
You have an outstanding ability to protect those near you with your shield.  Fighter bonus feat
Improved Shield Bash
You can bash with a shield while retaining it shield bonus to your Armor Class.  Fighter bonus feat
Improved Shield Snare
You can follow up on a shield snare with deadly attacks upon your opponent.  Fighter bonus feat
Improved Toughness
You are significantly tougher than normal.  Fighter bonus feat
Improved Trip
You are trained not only in tripping opponents but in following through with an attack.  Fighter bonus feat
Improved Two-weapon Defense
You gain a significant defensive advantage while fighting with two weapons.  Fighter bonus feat
Improved Two-Weapon Fighting
You are an expert in fighting two-handed.  Fighter bonus feat
Improved Unarmed Strike
You are skilled at fighting while unarmed.  Fighter bonus feat
Improved Weapon Familiarity
You are familiar with all exotic weapons common to your people.  Fighter bonus feat
Improved Whirlwind Attack
You can strike at nearby opponents in a blindingly fast spinning assault and follow it up with extra attacks.  Fighter bonus feat
Intimidating Strike
You make a display of your combat prowess designed to strike terror in your foe. Your stance, attack method, and demeanor demonstrate to your foe that you are capable of defeating him with little effort. Your intent is clear - if you decide to hit your foe, you could easily slay him.  Fighter bonus feat
Intuitive Attack
You fight by faith more than brute strength.  Fighter bonus feat
Jungle Fighter
You know how to make the most of terrain-inspired advantages when fighting in a jungle. Regions: Bandit Kingdoms, Lordship of the Isles, Olman, Scarlet Brotherhood, Sea Princes.  Fighter bonus feat
Ki Blast
You focus your ki into a ball of energy that you can hurl at an opponent.  Fighter bonus feat
By putting your bulk behind a blow, you can push your enemy backward.  Fighter bonus feat
Lunging Strike
You make a single attack against a foe who stands just beyond your reach.  Fighter bonus feat
Mage Slayer
You have studied the ways and weaknesses of spellcasters and can time your attacks and defenses against them expertly.  Fighter bonus feat
Martial Stalker
You practice a powerful fighting style that focuses equally on martial skill and mystical dedication.  Fighter bonus feat
Martial Stance
You have mastered the fundamentals of a martial discipline, and you are now able to master one of its stances.  Fighter bonus feat
Martial Study
By studying the basics of a martial discipline, you learn to focus your ki and perfect the form needed to use a maneuver. As a result, you gain the use of a combat maneuver.  Fighter bonus feat
Martial Throw
You can switch positions with an opponent you hit in melee by throwing that opponent.  Fighter bonus feat
Melee Evasion
Your speed, agility, and talent for intelligent fighting allow you to avoid your opponent's blows. You take careful stock of an opponent and slip away from his sword blow just as he commits to the attack.  Fighter bonus feat
Melee Weapon Mastery
You have mastered a wide range of weapons. Your training with one specific weapon now extends to other weapons of a similar sort.  Fighter bonus feat
Mighty Are Fallen
You can sidestep the powerful swings of an opponent that is using Power Attack.  Fighter bonus feat
You are skilled at dodging past opponents and avoiding blows.  Fighter bonus feat
Mountain Fighter
You know how to make the most of terrain-inspired advantages when fighting in mountainous terrain.  Fighter bonus feat
Mountain Warrior
You are adept at fighting on the uneven ground of mountainous terrain.  Fighter bonus feat
Mounted Archery
You are skilled at using ranged weapons from horseback.  Fighter bonus feat
Mounted Combat
You are skilled in mounted combat.  Fighter bonus feat
Mounted Fighting
You are especially effective when fighting atop a mount.  Fighter bonus feat
Mounted Mobility
You are skilled at dodging past opponents while mounted.  Fighter bonus feat
Your special melee or ranged attack with one type of weapon is especially effective against undead.  Fighter bonus feat
Nimble Deflections
Practice with moving your hands deftly on keyboards has taught you how to swiftly change their location. This allows you to position them quickly to deflect blows.  Fighter bonus feat
Opportunistic Tactician
You are able to use your opponent's missteps to reposition yourself to your advantage.  Fighter bonus feat
Oversized Two-weapon Fighting
You are adept at wielding larger than normal weapons in your offhand.  Fighter bonus feat
Paralyzing Fists
You can make multiple unarmed attacks to paralyze an opponent in a single round.  Fighter bonus feat
Parrying Shield
You have studied advanced techniques for battling foes whose attacks normally bypass armor. You use your shield to block or deflect rays and other touch attacks.  Fighter bonus feat
Penetrating Shot
You send a powerful shot cleaving through your enemies.  Fighter bonus feat
Phalanx Fighting
You are trained in fighting in close formation with your allies.  Fighter bonus feat
Pharaoh's Fist
Your unarmed strikes echo with thunder, stunning your foe and those nearby.  Fighter bonus feat
Pierce Magical Concealment
You ignore the miss chance provided by certain magical effects.   
Pierce Magical Protection
You can overcome the magical protections of your enemies.  Fighter bonus feat
Point Blank Shot
You are skilled at making well-placed shots with ranged weapons at close range.  Fighter bonus feat
Powerful Charge
You can charge with extra force.   
Power Attack
You can make exceptionally powerful melee attacks.  Fighter bonus feat
Power Critical
Choose one weapon, such as a longsword or a greataxe. With that weapon, you know how to hit where it hurts.  Fighter bonus feat
Power Throw
You have learned how to hurl weapons to deadly effect.  Fighter bonus feat
Precise Shot
You are skilled at timing and aiming ranged attacks.  Fighter bonus feat
Prone Attack
You can attack from a prone position without penalty.  
Fighter bonus feat
Protective Talons
Vigilantly circling overhead, your raptor may swoop down and snare ranged weapons just before they strike you.  
Fighter bonus feat
Pulverize Foe
You enjoy smashing your opponents into submission.  
Fighter bonus feat
You can knock opponents back when you hit them in melee.  
Fighter bonus feat
Quick Cleave
You can bring down foes so efficiently that those you turn your attention to next cannot react effectively.  
Fighter bonus feat
Quick Draw
You can draw weapons with startling speed.  
Fighter bonus feat
Ranged Disarm
You can disarm a foe from a distance.  
Fighter bonus feat
Ranged Pin
You can perform a ranged grapple attempt against an opponent not adjacent to you.  
Fighter bonus feat
Ranged Sunder
You can attack an opponent's weapon from a distance.  
Fighter bonus feat
Ranged Threat
You can take advantage of a foe who drops his guard near you.  
Fighter bonus feat
Rapid Shot
You can use ranged weapons with exceptional speed.  
Fighter bonus feat
Rapid Stunning
You can use your stunning attacks in rapid succession.  
Fighter bonus feat
Rattlesnake Strike
Having observed the ways of a desert viper, you have learned to use ki in a fashion similar to poison.  
Fighter bonus feat
Reckless Charge
You can charge with wild abandon.  
Resounding Blow
Your mightiest attacks cause your foes to tremble before you.  
You can bounce your weapon off one opponent to strike at another with the same throw.  
Fighter bonus feat
You order your pet to launch a ferocious attack against a foe, shielding you from that opponent's attacks.  
Fighter bonus feat
Shadowborn Warrior
You are adept at fighting in darkness.  
Fighter bonus feat
Due to your ties to the Plane of Shadow, you strike more effectively in areas of dim illumination.  
Fighter bonus feat
Your skill with ranged weapons lets you score hits others would miss due to an opponent's cover.  
Fighter bonus feat
You can protect those near you with your shield.  
Fighter bonus feat
Shield and Pike Style
You can use a light shield in conjunction with a piercing pole arm with reach, such as a longspear or awl pike.  
Fighter bonus feat
Shield Charge
You deal extra damage if you use your shield as a weapon when charging.  
Fighter bonus feat
Shield Slam
You can use your shield to daze your opponent.  
Fighter bonus feat
Shield Snare
You can disarm an opponent with your shield.  
Fighter bonus feat
Shield Specialization
You are skilled in using a shield, allowing you to gain greater defensive benefits from it.  
Fighter bonus feat
Shield Wall
You are skilled in using shields when in formation with other shield-bearers.  
Fighter bonus feat
Shield Ward
You use your shield like a wall of steel and wood. When an opponent attempts to draw in close to you, your shield forces him away or ruins his attacks.  
Fighter bonus feat
Shiftsilver Mastery
You are well-trained in wielding shiftsilver weapons, maximizing their shiftsilver quality to deadly effect.  
Fighter bonus feat
Short Haft
You have trained in polearm fighting alongside your comrades in arms, sometimes reaching past them while they shield you, and sometimes shielding them while they attack from behind you.  
Fighter bonus feat
Shot on the Run
You are highly trained in skirmish ranged weapon tactics.  
Fighter bonus feat
Skewer Foe
A ruthless combatant, you like to impale enemies on spears and similar piercing weapons.  
Fighter bonus feat
Snatch Arrows
You are adept at grabbing incoming arrows, as well as crossbow bolts, spears, and other projectile or thrown weapons.  
Fighter bonus feat
Snow Tiger Berserker
You have learned how to pounce on your foes, much like your totem spirit.  
Spear Master
You are the master close combat spear fighter  
Fighter bonus feat
Spectral Skirmisher
You have trained extensively in the use of magic that renders you invisible. In combat, you use this experience to vex your opponents and increase your survivability.  
Fighter bonus feat
Spirited Charge
You are trained at making a devastating mounted charge.  
Fighter bonus feat
Spring Attack
You are trained in fast melee attacks and fancy footwork.  
Fighter bonus feat
Staggering Critical
Your critical hits leave your opponents reeling.  
Fighter bonus feat
You have studied the techniques of fighting underground, and you can protect yourself from the dangers of multiple attackers whenever you can put your back to a solid wall.  
Fighter bonus feat
Stunning Fist
You know how to strike opponents in vulnerable areas.  
Fighter bonus feat
Subduing Strike
You are adept at striking to deal nonlethal damage even with normal weapons.  
Fighter bonus feat
Supremely Confident
With a sneer, a scornful laugh, and a raised eyebrow you send the message that you are merely toying with your opponents.  
Fighter bonus feat
Surprising Riposte
Through deft maneuvering, you unravel your opponent's defenses.  
Fighter bonus feat
Sweeping Trip
You can trip opponents in such a way that they fall into adjacent creatures.  
Fighter bonus feat
Terrifying Warrior
Your follow-up attacks can strike fear into the hearts of opponents.  
Fighter bonus feat
Titan Fighting
You have been trained to fight larger creatures, and you are adept at dodging their attacks.  
Fighter bonus feat
Tormented Knight
You are inexorably bound to the loathsome yugoloths that lurk in the Barrens of Doom and Despair, and you strive to bring misery and pain to all creatures that oppose them.  
Fighter bonus feat
You are trained in using your mount to knock down opponents.  
Fighter bonus feat
Tumbling Feint
When you move near an opponent, your acrobatic maneuvers leave him confused and unable to properly defend himself.  
Fighter bonus feat
Tunnel Fighting
You are adept at maneuvering and fighting in right spaces and underground passages.  
Fighter bonus feat
Two-Weapon Attack of Opportunity
You can exploit an opponent's opening in combat with two weapons.  
Fighter bonus feat
Two-Weapon Defense
Your two-weapon fighting style bolsters your defense as well as your offense.  
Fighter bonus feat
Two-Weapon Fighting
You can fight with a weapon in each hand. You can make one attack each round with the second weapon.  
Fighter bonus feat
Two-Weapon Pounce
When you charge an opponent while wielding two weapons, you can make two quick attacks. You trade the momentum and power of the charge for the opportunity to use your second weapon.  
Fighter bonus feat
Two-Weapon Rend
You wield two weapons with an artisan's precision. Each strike builds on the next, allowing you to deal more damage.  
Fighter bonus feat
Versatile Combatant
You have learned to combine attacks with the favored weapons of the drow.  
Fighter bonus feat
Versatile Unarmed Strike
You employ a variety of unarmed fighting styles, allowing you to alter the type of damage your attacks deal.  
Fighter bonus feat
Veteran Knowledge
You are capable of seeing potential battlefield advantages where others cannot.  
Fighter bonus feat
Vexing Flanker
You excel at picking apart an opponent's defenses when your allies also threaten him.  
Fighter bonus feat
War Chant
Your rhythmic singing can impress on others the need for haste.  
Fighter bonus feat
Weakening Touch
You can temporarily weaken an opponent with your unarmed strike.  
Weapon Finesse
You are especially skilled at using a certain weapon, one that can benefit as much from Dexterity as from Strength. Choose one light weapon.  
Fighter bonus feat
Weapon Focus
Choose one type of weapon, such as greataxe. You are especially good at using this weapon. You can choose unarmed strike or grapple (or ray, if you are a spellcaster) for your weapon for purposes of this feat. You are especially good with this weapon. (If you have chosen ray, you are especially good with rays, such as the one produced by the ray of frost spell.)  
Fighter bonus feat
Weapon Specialization
Choose one type of weapon such as greataxe, for which you have already selected the Weapon Focus feat. You can also choose unarmed strike or grapple as your weapon for purposed of this feat. You deal extra damage when using this weapon.  
Fighter bonus feat
We Few, We Happy Few
Using your natural flair for public speaking your eloquence may bolster the hearts of allies.  
Fighter bonus feat
Whirlwind Attack
You can strike nearby opponents in an amazing, spinning attack.  
Fighter bonus feat
Woodland Archer
You have honed your archery ability in the wilds of the forest.  
Fighter bonus feat