Protective Talons

Type: General, Fighter
Source: Dragon #357

Vigilantly circling overhead, your raptor may swoop down and snare ranged weapons just before they strike you.
Prerequisite: Handle Animal 8 ranks, Bonded, trained creature.
Benefit: As a free action during your turn, if your raptor is within 5 feet you can order the creature to protect you from ranged attacks. If any opponent makes a successful ranged attack against you while your raptor is within 5 feet of you and under this command, your raptor can attempt to knock the missile off course. The raptor must make a melee attack against the missile, using the attack roll your opponent made against you as the missile's Armor Class. If the raptor succeeds, the missile misses you and is destroyed. If the raptor fails, you take damage as normal. Your raptor can only protect you from one missile per round.
Special: A fighter may select Protective Talons as one of his fighter bonus feats.