Arcane Schools and Practitioners of Waterdeep

Arcane spellcasters have long been drawn to cosmopolitan Waterdeep. The City of Splendors has a strong tradition of magical research, and its role as a central trading hub means that one can purchase nearly any material component therein.

However, Waterdeep's strong guild system, specifically the Watchful Order of Magists & Protectors, has prevented the formation of many arcanists' academies such as those found in cities such as Silverymoon today or Myth Drannor before the fall. As a result, most Waterdhavian wizards and sorcerers are either very powerful lone practitioners or members of the Watchful Order. Likewise, most bards are either legendary troubadours or members of the Council of Musicians, Instrument-makers, & Choristers.

Blackstaff Tower

In the years since Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun rescued Laeral Silverhand from the madness induced by the Crown of Horns, the two have dwelt together in Blackstaff Tower (C6) along with an everchanging roster of apprentices. Over time, as those apprentices have taken on students of their own, the students of the Lord and Lady Mage of Waterdeep have effectively formed an informal, elite arcanists' academy. Although Khelben and Laeral remain titular master and mistress of the school, most day-to-day administration and instruction of junior arcanists is left to the more senior apprentices.

About fifty apprentices reside at Blackstaff Tower at any one time. The more senior apprentices, well trained in defensive magics, defend the Tower against monstrous incursions and hostile wizards.

Khelben and Laeral make very sure that no one is treated badly or allowed to chafe in restlessness, so the temptation of treachery is slight. Arcanists desiring to leave are always assisted in setting up in new locations so they part with the folk of the Tower as friend. The result is a steady stream of arrivals and departures. Graduates of Blackstaff Academy include Achemel Zalath (NG male Calishite human wizard 11 of the Guild Arcane of Almraivenj), Aleena Paladinstar (LG female Tethyrian wizard 7/arcane devotee 0 4 [Tyr], daughter of Piergeironil, Aznar Thrul (CE male Mulan human evoker 10/Red Wizard 10/archmage 3, Red Wizard, Zulkir of Evocation, Tharchion of Bezantur), Danilo Thann, Ilistar Maeringuld (CG female Tethyrian human wizard 9, masquerading as Jhanthra Rowanmantle in Cormyr), Kiirma Blackmane (LE female half-wood elf rogue 5/sorcerer 6/shadow thief of Amn 2/arcane trickster 3), Savengriff, and Turth Anczibul of Neverwinter (now deceased).

Base of Operations: Blackstaff Tower (C6).

Blackstaff Academy (Standard Arcane): AL LN, CG; 40,000 gp resource limit; Membership 54; Mixed (humans 35, elves 5, half-elves 5, halflings 3, gnomes 3, dwarves 2, half-orcs 1); Dues 10 gp per level per month (no cost to join).

Authority Figures: Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun (LN male human [Chosen of Mystral wizard 24/archmage 3]; Laeral Silverhand Arunsun.

Important Characters: Tammert Landral (LG male Illuskan human wizard 8, a magically brilliant youth), Sydon Gundwynd NG male Illuskan wizard 6); Maresta Rhanbuck (CG female half-moon elf wizard 12, a "motherly whirlwind" who runs the ower alongside Laeral); Jalarra Sakrel (CG female Tethyrian human wizard 4, an impishly beautiful seductress); Araeralee Smmerstar (LG half-moon elf wizard 9, a kind-hearted, orphan raised in the Tower); Tamar Harpell Wands (CG male Illuskan human wizard 1, raised in Longsaddle and sent to Waterdeep for instruction).

Associated Classes: Sorcerer, wizard.

Associated Skills: Craft (alchemy), Decipher Script, Knowledge (arcana), Knowledge (history), Knowledge (the planes), Spellcraft.

Requirements: Any new spells you research or discover must be copied and given to the tower library.

Favored in Guild Fringe Benefit: As a student of Blackstaff Academy, you are eligible to select the Blessed of the Seven Sisters feat, assuming you meet the prerequisites. You can learn rare or unique spells created by Khelben or Laeral (for example: blackstaff, Khelben's dweomerdoom, Khelben's suspended silence, Laeral's cutting hand, and Laeral's silver lance, with the notable exception of Laeral's crowning touch) any time you have the opportunity to learn new spells, but you may not learn more than one such spell per level gained. Wizards gain three new spells each time they gain a level instead of two.

Special: Admittance to Blackstaff Academy usually requires demonstration of exceptional magical talent (Spellcasting Prodigy or a similar feat) or a uniquely compelling personal history. Nonwizards are very rarely admitted.

Eltorchul Academy

Upon inheriting the family spice and import business, Lord Thesp Eltorchul invested the family fortune into arcane academia and rare magical component procurement. The family has run Eltorchul Academy for three decades now, having slowly elevated it into an elite bastion of noble scions and the children of the well-to-do.

In the Year of the Banner (1368 DR), Lord Thesp's son and heir, Oth Eltorchul, was left a babbling husk after dabbling in the creation of dream spheres with the Mhaorkiira Hadryad. Fallout from the dream spheres affair nearly bankrupted the family, forcing them to open the doors of Eltorchul Academy to all manner of students willing and able to pay. As a result, current students and recent graduates of Eltorchul Academy vary widely in talent, ability, social status, and outlook, and the academy's status among the social elite has plummeted.

Base of Operations: Eltorchul family villa.

Eltorchul Academy (Minor Arcane): AL NG, LG, N; 15,000 gp resource limit; Membership 64; Mixed (humans 53, elves [all kinds] 5, light-foot halflings 3, half-elves 3); Dues 200 gp per month for students (1,000 gp to join); salary 10 gp per month per level for instructors (no cost to join).

Authority Figures: Thesp Eltorchul (NG male Tethyrian human wizard 11), Fea Eltorchul (LG female Tethyrian human wizard 10, Lord Thesp's daughter).

Associated Classes: Bard, sorcerer, wizard.

Associated Skills: Concentration, Craft (alchemy), Decipher Script, Knowledge (arcana), Knowledge (nobility and royalty), Spellcraft.

Requirements: If you are an instructor, you must be on the premises to instruct students an average of 20 hours per tenday. If you are a student, your classes require your attendance for 40 hours per tenday.

Favored in Guild Fringe Benefit: The guild subsidizes your monetary expenses for expensive material components and the creation of magic items, reducing raw material costs by 10%.

Special: Wizard students who have the Favored in Guild feat as a 1st-level character begin, with a number of spells in their beginning spellbooks equal to 8 + Int modifier instead of 4 + Int modifier.

Enclave of Red Magic

The Red Wizards of Thay have long sought to rule Faerûn. For centuries, they sought to do so through force of arms, but in recent years, they have turned to trade as part of a plan of economic conquest. Thay's Guild of Foreign Trade now administers sovereign trading enclaves in cities across Faerûn.

Waterdeep's wealth and role as Gateway to the North makes it an obvious choice in which to establish a Thayan enclave. However, the Lords of Waterdeep flatly rejected the Three Laws of the Enclave when approached by representatives of Thay, refusing to compromise Waterdeep'ssovereignty or countenance the sale of slaves within the city. After several years of futile negotiations, the Thayans finally found a way around the restrictions. By reviewing public records detailing the chaos of Halaster's Higharvestide, the Thayans deduced the presence of a forgotten two-way portal between Skullport's Lower Heart District and Waterdeep's Castle Ward.

Late in the Year of the Tankard (1370 DR), agents of Thay approached the recently returned Shradin Mulophor about establishing an enclave in Skullport. The Lord of Bones quickly agreed, and the Thayan enclave was established shortly thereafter between Beggar's Rest Pass and Steamfall Pass. At the same time, representatives of Thay established an embassy (C70) in Castle Ward overlooking the Market between the Sutherlane, Mendever Street, and Trader's Way. As an embassy, the building is considered sovereign territory of Thay, exempt from the laws of Waterdeep. Because the Red Wizards are careful never to conduct business within the embassy proper, it is in no danger of losing its sovereign status. "Visitors" (customers) are simply conducted to a "back room" (through a portal to an inner room in the Skullport enclave) where such transactions are concluded. It is the customer's choice whether to bring purchased goods out of the embassy or to have them delivered somewhere outside the city walls.

While the Lords of Waterdeep are well aware of how closely the Thayans are skirting to the edge of the law, for now they have chosen to simply observe the enclave's transactions. Most customers are wholly unaware that they have even left Waterdeep, leading most to assume that the transaction took place within the city and thus speculate that the Thayans have bought or bribed themselves an exemption from the law.

The real threats to the enclave's continued success are threefold. First, noble families with dark dealings in Skullport view the enclave as a threat to their continued domination of trade with the Port of Shadow. Second, the leaders of the Watchful Order see the enclave's growth as a direct threat to their primary revenue streams (the sale of magic items and rare components), despite the fact that many of the resident Red Wizards have joined the Watchful Order. Finally, Shradin Mulophor's recognition of the enclave might not be worth much, given that the Skulls are the real power in Skullport. The leaders of the enclave have successfully concealed this situation from the Guild of Foreign Trade back in Thay, recognizing that the enclave might be closed down if the Thayan bureaucrats realized that the Three Laws of the Enclave are not really in effect.

Base of Operations: Thayan Embassy), Thayan enclave in the Lower Heart district of Skullport.

Enclave of Red Magic (Standard Arcane): AL LE, NE, LN; 40,000 gp resource limit; Membership 130; Isolated (humans 125, gnolls 3, tieflings 2); Wages 5 gp per level per month (no cost to join), or twice that rate for arcane spellcasters.

Authority Figure: Ambassador Ethur Anszim (see below).

Important Characters: Consul Thazar "Skullstorm" Arkanak; Consul Orgin Ulmokina; Zabbas Thuul.

Associated Classes: Fighter, rogue, wizard.

Associated Skills: Appraise, Craft (alchemy), Intimidate, Knowledge (arcana), Knowledge (the planes), Spellcraft.

Requirements: You are required to serve in the embassy or its Skullport annex for an average of 30 hours per tenday. Each month, you must also donate at least 100 gp of magic items to the enclave for resale. (Donations are measured by market value, not their cost to create.)

Favored in Guild Fringe. Benefit: The guild subsidizes your monetary expenses when creating magic items, reducing raw materials cost by 10%.

Special: Membership in Thay's Waterdeep enclave is restricted to natives of Thay dispatched by the Guild of Foreign Trade. The enclave's ranks also include nonhuman servitors and slaves, although both groups are restricted to Skullport's warrens. Zabbas Thuul and a handful of others are not actually members of the enclave, but serve as Skullport/Waterdeep go-betweens.

Some of the enclave's more important characters include: Ambassador Ethur Anszini: Ethur (LE male Mulan human wizard 11/Red Wizard 5) is the urbane, witty Thayan ambassador to Waterdeep. He is regularly invited to noble parties across the city, for he provides an exotic eastern flavor with a whiff of danger, perfect for the "daring" host or hostess. In private, Ethur is harsh and unforgiving, covetous of Waterdeep's great wealth and determined to bring the City of Splendors to its knees under his dominion.

Consul Thazar "Skullstorm" Arkanak: Thazar (NE male Mulan human fighter 7/blackguard 2/Thayan knight 2) is the ambassador's personal bodyguard, a dark and glowering figure who inspires dread wherever he goes.

Consul Orgin Ulmokina: Orgin (CE male Rashemi human rogue 7/Thayan slaver 3) is the cruel overseer of the Skullport enclave. He has never been to Waterdeep, and has no interest in visiting a city that does not allow him complete mastery over his slaves.

Halaster's Heirs

Centuries ago, Halaster Blackcloak and his seven apprentices established Halaster's Hold and began exploring the dwarven delvings beneath the plateau. Of the Seven, one is known to be dead and two are known to still live - Trobriand the Metal Mage and Muiral the Misshapen. In addition, in the years since Halaster claimed the Underhalls for his own, the Mad Mage has taken on additional apprentices, some of whom still stalk the depths of Undermountain.

In the Year of the Gauntlet (1369 DR), the events of Halaster's Higharvestide upset the delicate status quo in the Underhalls of the Mad Mage. Among the tumultuous events of that day, Trobriand was attacked by his abandoned experiments and driven from his lair in a deep sublevel of Undermountain, and Muiral was expelled into the streets of Waterdeep by means of a malfunctioning portal. Trobriand convinced, Muiral to return to the first level of Undermountain, where the madness-inducing magic of Undermountain was at its weakest. There the two ex-apprentices forged an alliance, agreeing to work together to carve out a new domain largely beyond the reach of the Undermountain's maddening taint, but sufficiently within Halaster's Halls to allow them to continue to pursue their interests.

As word spread of a hidden arcanists' academy located in the first level of Undermountain near the shaft to the Yawning Portal, dozens of dark arcanists flocked to their service, drawn from across the North and the length of the Sword Coast.

Base of Operations: Level 1 of Undermountain, in the vicinity of the Yawning Portal.

Halaster's Heirs (Minor Arcane): AL CE, NE, LE; 15,000 gp resource limit; Membership 40; Isolated (humans 36, shield dwarf 2, other 2); Dues 25 gp per mouth (250 gp to join).

Authority Figures: Muiral the Misshapen; Trobriand the Metal Mage.

Important Characters.- Errya Eltorchul (CE female Tethyrian human rogue 2/wizard 3, viperlike daughter of Lord Thesp Eltorchul); Nandel Greenward (CE female Illuskan human wizard 13/archmage 2); Tehss Maerklos (LE female Illuskan human wizard 9, heiress to the noble House Maerklos).

Associated Classes: Adept, sorcerer, wizard.

Associated Skills: Concentration, Craft (alchemy), Knowledge (arcana), Knowledge (dungeoneering), Spellcraft, Use Magic Device.

Requirements: You must craft at least one magic item for the guild per month; the item crafted must be worth at least 100 gp.

Favored in Guild Fringe Benefit: You can learn rare or unique spells created by Halaster or his apprentices (such as Halaster's blacksphere, Halaster's fetch variants, Halaster's image swap, Halaster's light step, Halaster's shaking hand, Halaster's teleport cage, Trobriand's baleful teleport, Trobriand's crystalbrittle, Trobriand's glassee) any time you have the opportunity to learn new spells, but you may not learn more than one such spell per level gained. The guild subsidizes your monetary expenses when creating constructs, reducing the raw materials cost by 10%.

Muiral and Trobriand are the undisputed masters of the academy.

Muiral the Misshapen: Muiral (CE male tauric human/Large monstrous scorpion barbarian 3/wizard 14/archmage 2) was once a bodyguard for Halaster Blackcloak. He abandoned his warrior ways to study the Art under the tutelage of the great wizard. Muiral was the first of the Seven to follow the Mad Mage into Undermountain, passing the "tests" of Halaster's guardian monsters. Muiral established his lair amid the ruins of Kyorlamshin and began studying "superior" physical forms.

After he had spent decades experimenting on drow, spiders, and vermin, Muiral's research led to his catastrophic transformation into a half-human, half-scorpion abomination.

In the centuries since his transformation, Muiral the Misshapen has wandered the deep ways of Undermountain, stalking and killing all who cross his path. His rage at his own stupidity for taking this powerful but hideous form - coupled with the degenerative effects of Undermountain that also afflict Halaster - has led him into extended bouts of madness.

Only recently has Muiral regained a degree of lucidity. He now seeks to continue his research, in hopes of achieving a new and better form. Once again, he has taken apprentices under his tutelage, but he views them more as experimental fodder than as wards for whom he is responsible.

New Olamn

In the Year of the Wave (1364 DR), a former Harper named Iriador "Garnet" Wintermist unleashed a series of unconventional attacks against the inhabitants of the Sword Coast. Her anger stemmed from the decline of bardcraft and the evolution of the Harpers away from their founding ideals. Although she was ultimately defeated, several Waterdhavians took her lesson to heart and refounded Waterdeep's old bardic college two years later in what had been the Cliffride villas of Heroes' Rest and Stormwatch. (The old location was the House of Song)

Backed primarily by the Crommer, Estelmer, Majarra, Melshimber, and Thann noble families as well as the Council of Musicians, Instrument-Makers, & Choristers, New Olamn has become a noted education center and an excellent storehouse of knowledge in just a few short years, with bards coming from across the Realms to study within its walls.

Those generally acknowledged to have successfully completed their studies acquire the tide of master bard and, if they choose to study at the school of New Olamn in the city of Waterdeep, receive the degree of Magnus Alumna upon completion of their studies.

Base of Operations: New Olamn.

New Olamn (Standard Scholastic): AL CG, NG; 15,000 gp resource limit; Membership 110; Mixed (humans 72, elves 11, half-elves 11, halflings 6, gnomes 5, dwarves 3, half-orcs 2); Dues 10 gp per month (50 gp to join).

Authority Figure: Kelthul Majarra (NG male Tethyrian aristocrat 4/bard 6).

Important Characters: Khallos Melshimber (LE male Tethyrian human expert 9); Jhandess Millomyr (CG female Tethyrian human bard 7/Harper agent 3); Danilo Thann.

Associated Classes: Bard, expert, rogue, sorcerer, wizard.

Associated Skills: Decipher Script, Diplomacy, Knowledge (arcane), Knowledge (history), Perform, Use Magic Device.

Requirements: You must be present at the college or engaged in its business for an average of 20 hours of service per tenday (usually instructing the children of well-to-do families in music and learning).

Favored in Guild Fringe Benefit: You can substitute a Perform check in place of a Diplomacy check or Gather Information check by offering your service for free. In addition, you gain twice the normal income when you use Perform checks to earn money.

Special: Admittance to New Olamn usually requires demonstrable musical talent (at least 4 ranks in Perform [any] or Skill Focus [Perform]).

Watchful Order of Magists & Protectors

Technically, the Watchful Order is one of the city's forty-three guilds, formed to protect less powerful wizards and sorcerers from those distrustful of the Art, but in practice, it acts as the largest arcane academy in the City of Splendors. The Watchful Order encourages prudence in the use of the Art so that arcane spellcasters will be respected and looked up to, not feared and actively opposed. Effectively, it polices less powerful arcane spellcasters who reside in or visit the city, actively discouraging them from throwing spells around to influence the populace. Since many powerful arcane spellcasters are not members of the Watchful Order, the guild uses its influence to mitigate their most egregious behavior as well.

The Watchful Order provides many benefits to members, including forums for arranging instruction and trading in magical information, the sale of rare material components from the golem-guarded cellars of the Tower of the Order, and a market for the buying and selling of spellcasting services, scrolls, and minor magic items. In addition, members of the guild can find regular employ as fire guards and spell guards. The Watchful Order contracts with building owners across the city to respond to fires with summoned water elementals, keeping half a dozen or so fire guards on duty every day. The guild also contracts with paranoid individuals of means to provide spell guards skilled in detecting and countering hostile workings of the Art. The guild's livery is a dark purple cloak, with a white human hand, fingers together and uppermost, on the left shoulder.

Base of Operations: Tower of the Order.

Watchful Order of Magists & Protectors (Expansive Arcane): AL All; 100,000 gp resource limit; Membership approximately 1,000; Mixed (humans 640, elves [all kinds] 120, shield dwarves 80, lightfoot halflings 50, half-elves 50, gnomes [all kinds] 30, half-orcs 20, others 10); Dues 20 gp/month (100 gp to join).

Authority Figure: Lady Master of the Order Mhair Szeltune (see below).

Important Characters: Speaker of the Order Orlar Thammas (CG male Illuskan human wizard 5/guild wizard of Waterdeep 7)

Associated Classes: Adept, sorcerer, wizard.

Associated Skills: Concentration, Craft (alchemy), Decipher Script, Knowledge (arcana), Spellcraft, Use Magic Device.

Requirements: You must craft at least one magic item for the guild each month; the item must be worth at least 25 gp. (Members who craft more expensive items are excused from this obligation for 1 month per 100 gp of the market price of the item crafted.) Donating a magic item is an acceptable substitute for crafting one. In addition, you must serve an average of 20 hours per tenday with the Guard, the Watch, or in similar protective duties.

Favored in Guild Fringe Benefit: The Order subsidizes your monetary expenses when you create magic items, reducing raw material costs by 10%.

Special: Many members of the Watchful Order take the guild wizard of Waterdeep prestige class, which requires an additional initiation fee of 1,000 gp and carries with it different responsibilities and privileges. The requirements and dues given above apply to rank-and-file members.

Most of the rank-and-file members of the Watchful Order are sorcerers or wizards who pay their dues and provide the minimal service required to be a member in good standing. A fair number of guild members don't bother to keep up with their dues and service, and are content to simply register their affiliation once and then go about their business. Most of the guild's positions of responsibility are filled by characters who actually have the guild wizard of Waterdeep prestige class; these individuals enjoy a much stronger voice in guild affairs than those who just pay their dues or take the Favored in Guild feat without pursuing the prestige class.

Mhair Szeltune: Mhair (NG female Illuskan human wizard 5/guild wizard of Waterdeep 10/archmage 4) is a petite, lithe woman with long, glossy black hair and deep, royal blue eyes. A serene, efficient lady of iron will and persistence, she can be a kind and loyal friend or a harsh, dangerous enemy. As Lady Master of the Order, she heads the Watchful Order of Magists & Protectors. She often wanders the city in the illusory guise of an old crone, surreptitiously checking to see what kind of treatment she receives. She is an uncanny judge of character and has never assessed anyone wrongly in the politics and power plays among (and within) the guilds.

Other Practitioners

Although most arcane spellcasters of lesser or middling power join the Watchful Order, many powerful loners call the city home as well. While the most famous independent Waterdhavian wizard is undoubtedly Halaster Blackcloak, others less well known deserve attention as well. Among the ranks of the nobility are Lord Huld Belabranta, Lady Hlanta Melshimber, Lady Alathene Moonstar, Lady Thyriellentha Snome, Telbran Nelarn (although his relationship with the Cragsmere family is unknown), Lady Nleera Tarannath Tesper, Lord Baerom Thunderstaff II, Lord Maskar Wands, and Lady Olanhar Wands. Several notable lone practitioners resident in Waterdeep are detailed below.

Dagsumn: Gaunt and ghostly pale, Dagsumn (LN male Illuskan human wizard 7) is an austere man of moderate height, given to bulky blue and green robes. Despite his apparent physical failings, he is a skilled practitioner of the Art with a hunger for magical power. Dagsumn hails from Port Llast and had a brief apprenticeship with Malchor Harpell at the Tower of Twilight. While the two did not part company as enemies, they have not spoken in over twenty-five years. Dagsumn came to Waterdeep to make his fortune, but his brief adventuring career gave way long ago to casting spells and tutoring lesser mages for fees. He can usually be found at the Elfstone Tavern and keeps an apartment nearby with his wife, Kyrss Wands.

Dagsumn prefers to engage in spellcasting in the City of the Dead, protected by hired guards, where few can glean his secret through observation. While friendly and trustworthy enough to honor any contract, Dagsumn is a stickler for details. Although he is capable of creating his own magic items and spells, Dagsumn would much prefer to collect them in payment with a minimum of risk or expended gold. He can be somewhat of a bore and pest when he catches wind of a new item, belaboring others for details.

Kappiyan Fhirmastyr: Kappiyan (NG male Tethyrian human wizard 7/master alchemist 10/Loremaster 3) is a tall, thin, dignified man over a century in age with white hair and beard, bushy eyebrows, and a childlike gleam in his eyes. Despite his messy line of work, he always wears immaculate gray robes. He recently married his long-time apprentice, Shalara Malarrkin, and these two "potion wizards" dwell in quiet. comfort in a modest home in Southern Ward. Kappiyan sells potions and periapts to fund his Mystra-blessed research, but he frowns on repeat customers who darken his doorstep more than once every few months. Because his domicile is frequently the target of thieves, Kappiyan has an array of magical guardians deployed about his home, and he is never without an array of wands and potions on his person.

Tessalar Hulicorm: Tessalar (LN male Illuskan human wizard 18) is a high-voiced, bearded, vain man given to wearing large amounts of gleaming costume jewelry, who nonetheless is a respected and well-liked figure at the galas of Sea Ward. He often prepares elaborate illusion and pyrotechnics for a sponsoring noble (whose praise and political support is now more important to Tessalar than money). Tessalar lacks obvious enemies, but he still seems unwilling to trust anyone, to the point of paranoia. Many have correctly divined that Tessalar has aspirations of founding his own noble house, and more than one established patriarch has used this fact to his advantage.

Tessalar used to be a mercenary mage who tutored and cast spells in exchange for treasure, which he then used to further his research into the making of various magic items. After one fateful trip to Undermountain, he came back richer than any man in his generation, laden with emeralds the size of goose eggs. He still makes and sells potions and scrolls, and he always demands payment in advance for unusual varieties (half in advance, half upon pickup-he never delivers). Tessalar rarely leaves his home except to attend parties, and his magical defenses daunt even the most powerful thieves.

Unbeknownst to all, Tessalar acquired his fortune by looting the hoard of the slumbering Vulharindauloth (an ancient male black dragon), who now dwells in an extensive network of flooded caverns beneath Skull Pool in Skullport. Aware that

Vulharindauloth is actively looking for the thief who stole his hoard, Tessalar is becoming increasingly anxious about his safety, to the point of anonymously expending large amounts of coin to hire as-yet-unsuccessful dragon hunters to dispatch the wyrm.

Telbran Nelarn: Telbran (CN male Netherese human sorcerer 24), most commonly known today as Hurlblar Corthyn, is a quiet man, small in stature, with pale skin and jet-black hair. His deep blue eyes suggest a man who has seen almost everything and lived. Before the fall of Netheril, Telbran Nelarn was a scullery knave in the kitchens of the Ensul Thruin, a quiet Netherese scholar of the relationship between the Weave and the forces of the natural world. Telbran's sorcerous powers were awakened after a jealous rival threw down his master's tower. After fleeing into the wilderness, Telbran survived using a spell he learned from a purloined tome of his master, Ensul's soultheft. In time, Telbran adopted the life of a traveling trader, using his magic to extend his life or eliminate foes as needed.

As the centuries passed, Telbran came to restrict his soultheft to evil arcane spellcasters who, in his view, preyed on others. Eventually Telbran came to Waterdeep, where he has dwelled ever since, having fallen in love with its color, bustle, and intrigue. Seeking privacy, leisure, and the resources to pursue his studies of magical lore and history, Telbran set about amassing a fortune soon after his arrival in the City of Splendors. A few quick soulthefts won him the coins of some merchants and smugglers, which he used to buy buildings and as lending capital. Telbran made sure to position himself as a generous, wealthy man willing to loan money to nearly anyone and willing to forgive small difficulties in paying; Telbran changed names often, to conceal his rise to wealth, before settling on Raerieth Cragsmere. His life took an unexpected detour when he met and married Salarma Meldart, an Athkatlan dressmaker, and she bore him five sons and two daughters. Telbran set aside his studies to raise his family, keeping sorcerous watch over their doings and drinking the lives of those who worked them ill. He also redoubled his wealth-building to amass a fortune for his progeny, seizing more coin and properties from his victims. In time, the Cragsmeres grew very wealthy and influential, while "Raeraeth" retreated into the background, assuming the role of aged family patriarch. When Salarma died, Telbran faked his own death soon after, retreating into a succession of shapes and identities. He moved from property to property, always watching over his descendants, while guiding them into the ranks of the city's nobility.

Telbran now views Waterdeep as a garden in need of tending, and believes his killing of evildoers is simply a much-needed weeding. He is a sorcerer of considerable power who can read and write many languages, and he knows more Realmslore than most sages ever learn. He lives quietly, most often in the guise of "Hurlblar Corthyn," a book collector who dwells in modest upper rooms above Ragathan Furriers.

Savengriff: Savengriff (LG male Illuskan human wizard 20) is a plain-featured man with hazel eyes, pale skin, and dark brown hair and beard. Once a member of the Company of Crazed Venturers, he perished in battle with a beholder before his companions retrieved his remains and brought him back to life. He became a loyal apprentice of Khelben and, in time, a loyal agent of the Harpers and a mage of accomplishment. His signature creation is the staff of banishment, of which he has created at least a dozen copies.

For years, Savengriff wandered the North, serving the Harpers, returning to Waterdeep only occasionally. In time, he took to exploring the planes, and his ties with the Harpers slowly faded. In the Year of Wild Magic (1372 DR), Savengriff returned to Waterdeep and took a room at the Inn of the Dripping Dagger. Although he still maintains his ties with Those Who Harp (and the Tel Teukiira as well), he now has a new loyalty. During his travels Savengriff located the long-absent and legendary Prespur and Grimwald. After lengthy discussions, the three agreed to reinvigorate the ancient cabal of good-aligned mages known as the Covenant. Savengriff is the first to return to Faerûn, and he is actively, seeking like-minded mages of power to join this ancient brotherhood.

Maaril the Dragon Mage

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