Organizations of Faerûn


Long ago, during the collapse of ancient Netheril, one of the empire's flying cities survived the realm's destruction by shifting completely into the Plane of Shadow. Safe from outside predators and the disasters that befell their kin, the city-dwellers were free to practice their magic and experiment with the stuff of shadow. After generations of living within the Plane of Shadow, the rulers of the city became suffused with the dark energy of that place, achieving strange and remarkable abilities.

Returning to Faerûn in 1372 DR, the people of the renamed city of Shade began magically exploring the world and fortifying their defenses against old and new foes, such as the phaerimms. The shades consider all of Anauroch their territory, and once they have established their borders it is likely they will try to expand their realm. Backed by the arcane might of ancient Netheril and the alien power of shadow, the shades are a serious threat to the safety and security of people all over Faerûn.

The true goals of the shades are unknown. They may turn up in almost any part of the world looking for information, sowing dissent, defying authority, or looting old caches of Netherese items. The shades may try to ally themselves with magocracies (such as Thay or Halruaa), groups with ties to shadows (such as the Shadow-masters of Telflamm or the church of Shar), or far-reaching political organizations such as the Zhentarim, if only for the purpose of acquiring information about the world their ancestors fled almost two thousand years ago.

Having lived in a magical society for generations, the shades are completely comfortable with magic, and most have at least some magical ability. Because of their isolation and aloofness, their mannerisms and equipment are exotic and old-fashioned. Ruled by powerful wizards and sorcerers, the shades have access to an almost unlimited number of potions, scrolls, and minor magic items. (For two representative shades, see Hadrhune and Leevoth in Chapter 9)

Organizations of Faerûn
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