Guardians of the Deepest Seas

Deep below the ground, in the furthest reaches of the Underdark, exist other oceans - vast, lightless tracts of inky water filling caverns of nearly unimaginable size. These regions are known as the darkwaters.

Numerous denizens haunt the shores and islands of the darkwaters; just as on the surface world, civilizations are drawn to these regions. Great drow cities tower on wave-blasted bluffs, svirfneblin towns crowd black beaches, and duergar fortresses crouch on defensible peninsulas. Illithids often build their lairs on isolated isles in the darkwaters, and cloakers often nest in the caverns that pockmark the ceilings above the seas like stars. Even the depths of the waters are rife with life: Aboleth, kuo-toa, and worse are known to dwell in the lightless depths of these subterranean oceans.

Yet not all of the denizens of the darkwaters are sinister and cruel. Recently, a sacred organization of disciples of the gods of nature formed a loosely organized group known as the Darkwater Guardians, The Darkwater Guardians are an elite group of individuals who banded together on the shores of a subterranean sea to devote their lives to defending the integrity of the oceans and waterways beneath the earth.

Founded by Oran Kasniathin, legendary deep halfling druid, the Darkwater Guardians have grown slowly over the past several decades. Oran's only daughter Jeril took over the leadership duties of the Guardians after her father's untimely death at the hands of an aboleth sorcerer of great power, and under her guidance the organization has become a true force to be reckoned with. The majority of their members dwell in Umberwall. This large fortress stands on the edge of an immense subterranean sea known as the Sea of Sins due to the island empire that was swallowed by the sea. Those Darkwater Guardians members that dwell within this fortress observe the sea and patrol its shores and reaches, ever vigilant for attacks by the mindless undead drow cursed to endlessly swim the Sea and the other enemies of the Darkwater Guardians. The greatest of these enemies are the aboleth and kuo-toa, two races that have long used the Sea of Sins as an unassailable front from which to enslave and prey upon other denizens of the Underdark. The Darkwater Guardians envision a day when the aboleth and kuo-toa have been driven from the depths and the darkwaters are finally clean of their unwholesome taint,

Recently, the success of the Darkwater Guardian enclave has seen their expansion upward, and they have even begun to teach their unique magic and abilities to worthy subjects from the surface world. Surface colonies of Darkwater Guardians can be found on the fringes of society, where they act as guides and protectors of colonists and explorers alike.

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