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The malaugryms - sometimes known as the shadowmasters - are immortal shapeshifters from the Plane of Shadow. Despite the similarity in name, the shadowmasters have nothing to do with the Shadowmasters of Telflamm, a thieves' guild strongly tied to the church of Mask. The malaugryms are described in Malaugryms.

Intent on invading Faerûn, the malaugryms are hindered by their inability to master interplanar magic, trapping them in the Castle of Shadows on their home plane. Only the most powerful spell casters of the race, can master spells that send the malaugryms to the Material Plane to wreak havoc.

Malaugryms can perfectly duplicate the form of any creature they have seen or assume horrifying nonhumanoid forms. The only nonmagical way to recognize their nature is by the hard-to-spot golden light shining in their eyes (Spot check DC 20). Theoretically immortal, they can be slain by weapons (and are vulnerable to silver) and seem to suffer a slow debilitation due to aging, since the leader of the race - the Shadowmaster - is periodically unseated by a younger, stronger malaugrym. Their numbers seldom exceed one hundred, and since they cannot breed with each other, they must mate with humans and steal their own offspring.

The malaugryms are obsessed with magic and spend much of their time in Faerûn searching for powerful items and magical lore. In the past they fought a secret war against the Harpers, sought to acquire the secret of spellfire from Shandril Shessair, sent a large force into Faerûn during the Time of Troubles, and tried to eliminate Khelben Arunsun and Laeral Silverhand of Waterdeep. It is unknown if any of them have learned how to use the Shadow Weave or if they are associated with the Netherese of the city of Shade.

Malaugryms are very independent and only work together when directly supervised by the Shadowmaster. If left to their own devices, they wander off to "play with" humans, acquire magic items and spells, or delve into excessive hedonism. Cruel and evil, they think nothing of befriending someone for any purpose and then turning against or killing their ally if the mood strikes them or if doing so advances their plans. Although true mortal allies of the malaugryms are rare, those who do exist are likely to have powerful spells and items at their disposal.

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