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The Seven Sisters

For centuries, seven women of great beauty, power, and heart have battled injustice and tyranny across Faerûn. The Seven Sisters are legendary figures whose deeds are sung by bards in every land. They are not an organization, they are not particularly secret, and they do not even share many common goals - but their actions, their very existence, have changed Faerûn more than any mighty cabal of wizards or mad cult

Few in Faerûn know the beginning of their story. The Seven Sisters were born to a ranger named Dornal Silverhand and his wife Elue, the Lady of the Gate, a powerful sorcerer, in the years 761 through, 767 DR. Unknown to Dornal, during this time Elue harbored Mystra, the goddess of magic, in her body, so that the couple's children were in fact Mystra's daughters as much as her own. Elue perished in 767, consumed by the divine power she held, and Dornal abandoned his family in grief. The young sisters were fostered to various folk throughout Faerûn.

Sylune (NG female human spectral harpist Wiz20/Sor2/Ftr2), the eldest, is dead now, slain defending Shadowdale from the attack of a red dragon. She was known as the Witch of Shadowdale, and she survives as a powerful but good-hearted ghost who still watches over the lands and people she loved in life.

Alustriel, the second sister, is the Lady of Silverymoon. She has devoted her life to building a realm of peace, learning, and strength in the Silver Marches of the North. (See Alustriel.)

Dove Falconhand (CG female human Rgrl4/Sor9/Rog4/Hrp1) is unusual among her siblings in that her magical abilities are secondary to her skill at arms. She won renown as a Knight of Myth Drannor and is married to Florin Falconhand of the same band.

Storm Silverhand, the famed Harper knight and the Bard of Shadowdale, has been a leader among the Harpers for many years. (See her description)

Laeral Silverhand (CG female human Wizl9/Sor4/Rgr7) is known as the Lady Mage of Waterdeep. Along with her husband Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun she leads the Moonstars, a Harper splinter group that seeks to order the destiny of cities and nations in the North.

The Simbul (whose birth name, Alassra, is known only to her few closest allies) rules Aglarond as its Witch-Queen. She is the most powerful wielder of arcane magic in Faerûn, a sorcerer of such unfettered strength that she has single-handedly preserved her realm against the Red Wizards of Thay for generations. (See her description.)

The youngest sister enters into few tales. Qjjue Veladorn (CG female drow Clrl6/Dis3) is a powerful cleric of the drow goddess Eilistraee and a drow herself (the circumstances of her birth were exceptional, to say the least).

All of the Seven are Chosen of Mystra, unaging mortals who hold some portion of the power of the Weave at Mystra's request. They serve as Mystra's agents in the world and aid all good folk against those who would harm or enslave them.

The Rune of the Chosen

Seven bright stars in the sky I see.

Seven for those who watch over me.

Seven be the smiles down they send

Seven be the troubles swift they mend.

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