The Druids of the Tall Trees

The druids of Tall Trees are a reclusive and secretive group of servants of Eldath, Mielikki, and Silvanus who dwell in the northeastern portion of the High Forest, among some of the grandest trees in all of Faerûn. They live within the ancient Eaerlanni community of Tall Trees - known originally (and also referred to nowadays) as Teuveamanthaar - and act as caretakers to the colossal trees that grow there. In addition to their tireless work nurturing the flora and fauna of the region, they have dedicated themselves to preserving the remnants of the ancient elven homeland of Eaerlann from the depredations of various grasping factions. Their enemies, always ambitious for wealth and power, often seek treasure and lore within the protected realm. The druids must therefore devote a good deal of their time and energy to repelling such excursions, relying on the aid of trustworthy agents to prevail.


From its founding in -4,510 DR. the elven tree-city of Teuveamanthaar was the capital and largest city of Eaerlann, the moon elf realm that lay within the northern and eastern reaches of the High Forest among the ruins of Aryvandaar. Built atop a steep-sided ridge, Teuveamanihaar was known for its soaring oak trees, which towered over the rest of the forest like hill giants to human youths and whose trunks were said to be the width of most northern human villages. The inhabitants of Teuveamanthaar created fabulous dwellings from hollows painstakingly shaped into the trunks and branches of these great trees as they grew, creating a city high above the forest floor, linked by a network of magically warded and preserved rope bridges.

In the Year of the Curse (882 DR), tragedy struck the realm of Eaerlann. Human refugees from the fallen empire of Netheril had long dwelt behind the walls of the fortress of Ascalhorn at the invitation of the elves. Now; foolish pride and the subtle manipulations of fey'ri agents led some among them to lose control of numerous summoned fiends, as well as portals to the lower planes. A horde of demons and devils swarmed through the city, slaying one another along with nearly all others within. At the end of the day, Ascalhorn was in the control of tanar'ri, and once that occurred, nothing remained to stop orcs from invading the interior of Eaerlann. The elves put up a stout defense for several months, but the fall of their realm was a foregone conclusion, and eventually they began to migrate away. The fall of Eaerlann thus led to the abandonment of Teuveamanthaar, which almost certainly would have been overrun by humanoids but for prompt action by a handful of followers of Mielikki.

Originally from Ascalhorn, these druids had left behind the trappings of urban life in favor of the rural existence offered to them beneath the branches of the High Forest. They had come to Teuveamanthaar to study the lore of the forest with the elves, becoming attuned to nature in ways the people of Ascalhorn would never understand. As disaster struck and the elves chose to depart, the druids, saddened by the loss of their mentors but determined to see the fair folk's works left undisturbed, took refuge in the abandoned tree-city in the same chambers the original elves crafted, though they occupied only a tiny fraction of the abandoned remnants of Teuveamanthaar. They prevented Teuveamanthaar from falling into the clutches of both the orcs swarming out of the Nether Mountains and the demons pouring forth from the city of Ascalhorn, which eventually became known as Hellgate Keep.

Since that time, druids have been continuously present in Teuveamanthaar, taking refuge within the bowers of the great oaks and protecting and nurturing the massive trees. For five hundred years, the woodfolk have on repeated occasions driven off concerted attacks by orc hordes and demon-led ghoul packs, as well as the occasional band of adventurers seeking treasure in the forgotten places the elves left behind. In recent years, the threats against the druids and their tree-city have grown more varied, as members of House Dlardrageth and the Eldreth Veluuthra (see Champions of Ruin) have become active in the High Forest.

The Druids Today

For nearly five hundred years, the druids remained little changed from their origins as an organization. Only recently have they been forced to adjust their lifestyle and purpose, shifting their aims and goals to accommodate the elves of Gaerilcarn, who have returned to live in Teuveamanthaar and thereby help establish New Eaerlann. The elves have thus far recognized the comradeship and value of the druids and have asked them to remain within the city, dwelling side by side with the newcomers. For their part, the druids are delighted with such an arrangement, for it both justifies their long years of dare on behalf of the elves - and it gives them the wherewithal to do eyen more to preserve the High Forest.

The druids number some two dozen proper members, with a nearly equal number of assistants, associates, and allies coming and going from time to time. The membership consists mostly of senior druids of Mielikki, though representatives of Eldath and Silvanus are present and welcome, too. In addition to the druids themselves, the group includes a number of rangers who serve as scouts and muscle in times of need, as well as a handful of trusted individuals with other useful talents, including spellcasting folk.

Once a very secluded, secretive lot, the druids of Tall Trees have had to change their private ways somewhat with the arrival of the new elf residents. Visitors from beyond the borders of the High Forest have been much more prevalent within he city during the last several months, forcing the druids to interact with strangers more frequently. Though many of the most senior members have been forced to overcome their reclusive natures, this interaction has had a positive effect on the druids, too, for their numbers have swelled with new potential members and agents.

Of particular interest is the tree-city itself. The chambers that make up the ancient settlement are largely unchanged from the day their original elf inhabitants departed for lands to the south and west. Although the Fair Folk of Eaerlann took nearly everything of consequence with them when Teuveamanthaar was abandoned, a few valuable items (magical and nonmagical alike) were left behind. Those that the druids themselves located during the previous five centuries were carefully stored away and protected, and now, when the elves have chosen to return, many wondrous treasures are back in elf hands.

The city is quite well protected from hostile forces. Only a handful of rope ladders lead down to the ground, and they are normally drawn up into the trees. Ancient wards dating back to the earliest days of Eaerlann still protect the Tall Trees settlement from magical and nonmagical fire, the danger of lightning strikes, and the threat of rot and disease. Tall Trees has begun to bustle with activity once more.

The Druids' Foes

The forces' opposed to the druids of Tall Trees are numerous and varied; a handful are of particular note, either because of their proximity, their specific enmity toward the druids, or both, Those mentioned below are by no means an exhaustive list, however. Numerous other forces have from time to time run afoul of the druids and caused them considerable consternation.

Perhaps the most antagonistic foes to square off against the druids of Teuveamanthaar are the demons of Hellgate Keep. Those fiends were most responsible for the downfall of Eaerlann in the first place, and they have certainly created more havoc and hardship for the druids than any other enemy. Though the rums of ancient Ascalhorn are now nothing more than a rapidly disappearing dale, swallowed up by the tender ministrations of Turlang the treant, some, believe that demons still dwell deep beneath the surface of Hellgate Dell, roaming the passages of Ammarindar. The druids remain vigilant against, those fiends, anticipating a new uprising at a most inopportune moment.

The other foes with a longevity to rival that of the demons are the orcs that roam portions of the High Forest or sweep own out of the Nether Mountains on a regular basis, driven by some fierce need to destroy. The druids have successfully repelled countless hordes of the foul humanoids, or at the very least prevented them from inflicting significant damage to the city or the great trees in which it resides. Such invasions of the forest are almost commonplace, but the druids can never afford to relax their vigil lest the creatures eventually catch them by surprise and finally succeed in destroying the tree-city. With the arrival of new citizens, the entire community has begun taking a more proactive approach to the orc threat once more. Even now, plans are being discussed for the creation of fortified outposts, similar to Ascalhorn in days gone by.

The fey'ri, though a newer threat, are perhaps the most dangerous and sinister of all. In addition to their remarkably subtle and clever tactics, the fey'ri have a vested interest in seeing the downfall of everything representing Eaerlann, for they rightfully perceive it as a symbol of their own suffering. Even with Sarya Illardrageth's recent defeat, House Dlardrageth is a formidable and cunning foe, and surviving its machinations will require every resource the druids and the new community can muster.

The Druids' Allies

For the long centuries that the druids of Tall Trees occupied the ancient elven city, there were always a number of allies they could count on in times of dire need. Such colleagues shared a love of the forest and a stout enmity against those who would plunder or wound it. The druids did not often call on such companions, but they knew that aid was only a plea away when it was truly needed.

The Harpers have long been allies of the druids and have come to their aid on more than a few occasions. It was members f the Harpers who succeeded in destroying Hellgate Keep and sealing away at last the demonic hordes that had plagued the vicinity. Even today, as Eaerlann is being reborn, the Harpers are nearby, ready to lend a hand against enemies.

The High Forest is filled with all manner of woodland creatures, some great and some small. Perhaps the most majestic and steadfast of these are the great treants, led by the ancient Turlang. Turlang has been a trustworthy and dedicated ally of the druids of Tall Trees for years. Turlang is currently in the process of growing the forest outward to encompass Hellgate Dell, hoping to ward it in natural growth and seal it away from the prying eyes of adventurers and sinister agents alike once and for all. Though he is more than capable of expanding the forest all on his own, he has called on the druids to assist him, providing magic and nurturing to the new trees sprouting up as well as protection from threats too quick and sly for Turlang to deal with effectively.

Membership in the Druids

In the past, becoming a part of the druids' circle at Tall Trees was almost impossible. The residents of the enclave did not see fit to allow any strangers to come near their forest home, forcibly driving off adventurers from the region and leaving no doubt that they meant business. Because of the druids' reclusive nature, their ranks remained very small.

Recently, conditions have changed in Teuveamanthaar, with the arrival of elves returning to their ancient hone. Because of the bustling activity taking place in the tree community, more visitors now come and go. In addition, with the druids' various foes increasing their dangerous activities in the High Forest, the druids have a greater demand for manpower and talents than ever before. These two factors have allowed the circle to begin growing. The druids are still quite cautious and hesitant to deal with just anyone, but they do allow for the possibility of new blood more readily than in the previous five centuries.

An initial meeting with the organization begins with agents of the druids working beyond the borders of the tree-city. Prospective members can find themselves approached by a ranger or wood elf and asked for assistance with some matter pertaining to the safety and security of the High Forest. The tasks may begin as small ones, such as running a simple errand or assisting in a skirmish against a marauding orc warband, but if the prospects prove themselves, more can be asked of them, until eventually the druids' agents permit them to visit Teuveamanthaar. Eventually, if the prospects exhibit both the acumen and skills needed by the druids and a trustworthy nature, they can be asked to join the group permanently.

Characters of many different skill levels and types can prove useful to the circle (provided they demonstrate a healthy respect for the environment while practicing their craft). Those with strength of arms are always in demand to help battle foes, while spellcasters are useful for unusual work and in supporting roles. Clerics of certain faiths are welcome, while druids and rangers are most closely embraced.

Druids of Tall Trees (Minor Naturalist): AL N; 60,000 gp resource limit; Membership 28; Isolated (17 humans, 6 elves, 4 half-elves, 1 treant).

Authority Figures: Uthgang Jyarl (N Illuskan human male druid 14 of Mieiikki; Great Druid of the North, leads the Tall Trees Circle); Elighaer Teushandor (N half-moon elf male druid 11 of Mielikki; Initiate of the 11th Circle of the Forestarm branch of the church of Mielikki), Sarragh of the Sparrows (N Illuskan human female druid 11 of Mielikki; Initiate of the 11th Circle), and "Vaeros Fireshield" (N gold dragon male druid 11 of Mielikki; Initiate of the 11th Circle).

Important Characters: Sinklayr Greenstroke (N Netherese human male druid 18 of Mielikki; spends most of his time wandering the High Forest), Vanuseed (N treant druid 12 of Mielikki; an emissary from Turlang), Balt Greenbrow (NG Illuskan human male ranger 12; agent of the circle).

Associated Classes: Druid, ranger.

Associated Skills: Handle Animal, Heal, Knowledge (local), Knowledge (nature), Listen, Move Silently, Spot, Survival.

Requirements: A druid or an agent of the druids of Tall Trees is expected to dedicate her life and efforts toward preservation of the tree-city of Teuveamanthaar and the High Forest surrounding it, and to prevent desecration of those lands by evil forces in the area.

Favored in Guild Benefit: If you have the Favored in Guild feat, you gain a special benefit for belonging to this group. Any druid member of the circle casts conjuration (healing) spells at +1 caster level. Any character (druid or not) receives free healing for any wounds received while defending the forest from foes.

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