Sages and Loremasters

As the gateway to the North and the center of trade along the northern Sword Coast, one of Waterdeep's most important markets is the sale and spread-of information, knowledge, and lore (true or otherwise). However, unlike many other professions, Waterdeep does not have a guild of sages.

Irbryth Apthamaun: Irbryth (CG male Chondathan expert 6) is a sage knowledgeable about such diverse areas as Knowledge (local Waterdeep), specializing in the minutiae of Waterdeep's broadsheets, and Knowledge (history) specializing in the history of Waterdeep. He can be contacted at his home.

Ilighast Chamnabbar: Ilighast (NG male Illuskan wizard 5) is well-educated in Knowledge (arcana), specializing in magic traditions, Knowledge (the planes), specializing in the Astral Plane, the Ethereal Plane, and the Elemental Planes, and Knowledge (history), specializing in the histories of dwarves, elves, gnomes, and halflings along the Sword Coast and across the North. This short, bitter little man is a member of the Watchful Order, and he spends much of his time hoping to hear some useful information at the Tower of the Order. He is incredibly terse, leading some to complain he charges by the word.

Narthund Delzhour: Narthund (LG male expert ) studies the fields of Knowledge (arcana), specializing in astrology, astronomy, and numerology, and Knowledge (geography), specializing in geology and mineralogy. Always found in a tavern, Narthund is very cheap; charging half his fees in ale, but only coherent in the early hours of the evening. His favorite tavern is the Elfstone Tavern.

Jasmal: Jasmal (N female shield dwarf cleric [Dumathoin]) is known for her research in Knowledge (architecture and engineering), specializing in stonecraft and weaponry, Knowledge (history), specializing in dwarfkind, and Knowledge (nature), specializing in fauna of the Sword Coast and the North. She has a light beard and ready smile, unless lied to. She is only found in Waterdeep in the winter months; the rest of the year, she wanders the North looking for relics of Delzoun and observing the local wildlife. When in the city, she takes lodging in the Warrens under Dock Ward but is often found at Selûne's Smile.

Vlorn Keenear: Vlorn (N male lightfoot halfling expert 10) is a sage known for his studies of Knowledge (history), specializing in the folklore, history, languages, legends, and politics of halflingkind, and the politics and history of humankind along the Sword-Coast, and Knowledge (religion), specializing in the mythology of halflingkind. Vlorn's sarcastic, joking demeanor leaves many clients wondering just how accurate his information is, but he is invariably correct. Vlorn has a keen and discerning eye for the intrigues of Waterdeep's nobility, and his grasp of Waterdeep's intricate politics is near perfect. Vlorn lives amid the Warrens of Dock Ward, but he is often found at the Grinning Lion.

Blackrabbas Khuulthund: Blackrabbas (CN male Tethyrian human expert 7) is a sage knowledgeable about such diverse areas as Knowledge (nature), specializing in the fauna (birds, insects) and flora (flowers, herbs) of the Sword Coast and the North. Although quite knowledgeable, Blackrabbas is a pompous windbag given to touting his own horn, which has undermined his reputation in recent years and forced him to lower his fees. Blackrabbas is a habitual visitor to the Font of Knowledge and keeps a room in a nearby row house.

Jayroun Lithkind: Javroun (NE male Chondathan human expert 9) is very knowledgeable of such fields as Knowledge (geography), Knowledge (history), specializing in the history and politics of humankind, and Knowledge (nobility and royalty), specializing in the genealogy of humankind. Jayroun is a spiteful, bitter man who consults only to prove his superiority over his clients after making them wait through interminable pauses in which he stares silently through his client while twisting his mustache. Javroun is a regular at the Font of Knowledge and keeps a room in a nearby row house.

Haerun Mhammaster: Haerun (CN male Tethyrian human expert 12) is a scholar whose studies include Knowledge (history), specializing in the art, folklore, legends, and music of elves, dwarves, halflings, and gnomes, and KnowleJge (architecture and engineering), specializing in dungeons and other underground construction. This shriveled, hunchbacked old man never leaves his library. He never solicits clients, but his friends at the Elfstone Tavern direct honest-looking clients to his row house nearby.

Kromnlor Sernar: Kromnlor (CN female Chondathan human expert 8) is knowledgeable about such diverse areas as Healing and Knowledge (nature), specializing in flora (fungi, herbs) of the Sword Coast, the North, and the Heartlands. Born in Sespech, Kromnlor is a wandering midwife who helps the indigent of Dock Ward with her folk remedies and often clashes with members of the Guild of Apothecaries & Physicians, who disagree with her undoubtedly effective methods. Kromnlor rooms at Warm Beds, but is rarely there except early in the morning and late at night.

Mirrormul Tszul: Mirrormul (CG male Tethyrian human expert 7) is well read in Knowledge (nature), specializing in the biology of humanoids and giantkind. He also speaks many humanoid and giant languages and can ably Decipher Script. This excitable, nervous man is prone to inappropriate giggling and quick speech. He is usually found at the Shrines of Nature, lending aid to the clergy of Silvanus.

Sulphon: Sulphon (N male Illuskan human expert 8) is a sage knowledgeable about Knowledge (arcana), specializing in the study of magical beasts, and Knowledge (dungeoneering), specializing in the study of aberrations. Sulphon is a quiet, studious man who would prefer to read one hundred books rather than talk to another individual. He can usually be found among the stacks at the Font of Knowledge.

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