Lords of Waterdeep, Mercenaries and Guides

The Lords of Waterdeep have ruled the city for most of the last three centuries. During that period, there have been between fifty and eighty Lords of Waterdeep, of whom four reigned as Open Lord: Alghairon the Mage, Baeron Silmaeril, Lhestyn the Masked Lady, and Piergeiron the Paladinson. The Lords of Waterdeep have been drawn from all walks of life, from noble to dungsweeper, and from merchant to cleric. Although most of the Lords of Waterdeep have been human, they have included elves, half-elves, and halflings among their number.

Of all the Lords selected by Ahghairon or his successors, only one, Kerrigan the Arcanist, has abused his position. Kerrigan, through various subterfuges and hired agents, killed three of his fellow Lords before Ahghairon discovered his treason. The resultant spell battle crossed the city before ending in Temple (now Southern) Ward with the death of the traitorous Lord.

The penalty for impersonating a Lord is immediate execution. On those occasions when a Lord appears to be about in the city in full regalia, officers of the guard or watch alert Piergeiron at once, for the Open Lord can demand that any Lord unmask himself or herself at his command. Failure to do so is also punishable by death. It is not uncommon for those seeking to improve their standing, socially or economically, to claim to be a Lord. This is a dangerous practice, however, for if the perpetrator is caught in the lie, such claims are also punishable by death.

The Open Lord of Waterdeep, currently Piergeiron the Paladinson, holds the titles of Warden of Waterdeep (commander of the guard), Overmaster of the Guilds, and Commander of the Watch. He or she is the only Lord whose face is exposed and known to the public, and he serves as the city's chief diplomat. Although no other Lord is ever formally named, some individuals become the subject of widespread rumor or general consensus. Mirt the Moneylender, Larissa, and Texter are generally mentioned as prospects, and, until his apparent resignation, Khelben was generally agreed to be a Lord. (In truth, Khelben remains a Lord, although his resignation was genuine, if brief.)

Many of the Lords of Waterdeep are detailed below. The rest are left to the DM to develop as befits his or her campaign.

Piergeiron the Paladinson: Open Lord Piergeiron (LG male Tethyrian human paladin 17 [Tyr]) is a tall, muscular, handsome man of quiet confidence, poise, and patience. His hair is only slightly graying at the temples, despite his increasing years. The Paladinson speaks so seldom and slowly that he has acquired the nickname (never to his face) of "the Thickskull." Piergeiron is not stupid, but often pretends to be, so draw others out into admissions they might not make otherwise. The Paladinson is the son of Athar, "the Shining Knight," who was famed for slaying the great wyrm Kistarianth the Red.

Despite the many challenges of his tenure, Piergeiron has remained above reproach, ably administering the city and ensuring the rule of law. As such, the Paladinson is very safe from those who wish the city to flourish and a frequent target of attack by those who wish Waterdeep ill. Piergeiron dwells in the Palace of Waterdeep, commonly known as Piergeiron's Palace, ever shadowed by his personal bodyguard, Madeiron Sunderstone.

Piergeiron's wife Maethiira died in the Year of the Moonfall (1344 DR), and the couple had only one child. Aleena Paladinstar (LG female Tethyrian wizard 7/arcane devotee 4 [Tyr]) has been absent from the city for several years, having taken to planewalking to see new worlds. Some say she might someday succeed her father when his reign as Open Lord comes to an end.

Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun the Elder: Khelben (LN male human [Chosen of Mystra] wizard 24/archmage 3) is fully detailed in Arunsun. Khelben dwells in Blackstaff Tower.

Kyriani Agrivar: Kyriani Agrivar (N female half-drow wizard 11/Moonstar agent 3) is a recent addition to the Lords of Waterdeep. For details about her, Kyriani Agrivar.

Brian the Swordmaster: Brian (NG male Illuskan human fighter 4/expert 16) is a gray-eyed bald man, with a black beard streaked with gray and a penchant for scowling. His years at the forge and as an armar of the guard have left him a powerful build. Brian is a skilled swordsmith, the best in city and a master armorer. He crafts items of lasting beauty, and exquisite workmanship. Much like "Kitten," he known for his simple, direct way of looking at things. He is similar in outlook to Mirt, Durnan and Nindil, capable of seeing weak points in plans and foreseeing problems long before they occur. Brian dwells above his smithy.

Brianne Byndraeth: Brianne (CG female Chondathan human sorcerer 12) is the widow of Carril Byndraeth, a crime lord and former Lord of Waterdeep murdered nearly two decades ago by a black wyrm in human form seeking the return of its eye. Brianne herself is a Lord of Waterdeep, and the rift between Brianne and Carril, before his death, nearly split the Lords into two factions. After Carril's death, Brianne played the role of respectable Waterdhavian widows courted by a long string of men seeking to marry into wealth (and secretly of interest to the Lords). Now, after many years of looking, Brianne has finally been engaged to Randulaith of Mirabar, a charming wizard who moves easily among the city's social elite. Brianne has a tower within the city proper but also lives in Carril's old estate outside the city.

Caladorn Cassalanter: Caladorn (NG male Tethyrian human fighter 13) stands six feet tall, with short brown hair, a clean-shaven face, and a prominent cleft in his chin. This young gallant is often sardonic, very perceptive, and intelligent. He is quite fun loving when he can find an occasion to abandon his customary serious resolve in private. He is the third son of Lord Ohrl Cassalanter, but has chosen to drop the family name "until he does something worthy of it." His father has come to suspect that Caladorn will never consider himself "worthy," leaving him the privileges of the nobility without having to answer to the family patriarch. The Cassalanfers are unaware that their restless scion is actually a Lord of Waterdeep. In recent years, Caladorn has taken an increasing interest in Waterdeep's navy, posing as a bored young noble who could lend an extra swordarm to a raker on patrol. This has left him uniquely positioned among the Lords to understand the challenges Waterdeep faces in maintaining its hegemony on the Sea of Swords. Caladorn lives in a row house in Castle Ward.

Durnan "the Wanderer": Durnan (NG male Illuskan fighter 18) is a gruff, burly, russet-haired man, close-mouthed and prudent. He hates unfairness and injustice, but is tolerant of the differing interests of others - at least until they unsheathe a weapon in his inn, whereupon he draws his longsword on the spot.

Durnan is a retired fighter born in the remote North who spent his youth wandering the Savage Frontier, battling monsters and their ilk. He is an old friend of Mirt the Moneylender, and the duo were the first in modern-times to explore Undermountain, emerging in the Year of the Broken Helm (1302 DR) as rich men. While Mirt used share of their plunder to purchase his mansion on the southern slopes of Mount Waterdeep, Durnan built an inn, the Yawning Portal over the ruins of Halaster's long-vanished tower and now dwells there with his wife, Mhaere Dryndilstann, and their daughter. As overseer of the primary open route into Undermountain, secret Lord of Waterdeep, and secret leader of the Red Sashes, Durnan finds himself involved in most events of import to affect the City of Splendors, a role for which he is well suited.

Nindil Jalbuck: Nindil (LN male lightfoot halfling rogue 6/expert 4) stands some three feet high, sporting a distinctive jet-black crewcut and golden nose ring. His common clothing and grocer's apron do little to disguise the knowing look of a joker and mischief-maker in his sea-green eyes. Outside the city, he dons a suit of chainmail emblazoned with the emblem of Goldenfields. At his core, Nindil is loyal, good-natured, and trustworthy. He is slow to anger, only losing his temper when "talked down to."

Nindil hales from Secomber, having come to Waterdeep to make his fortune and survived through petty thievery and pickpocketing. In time, he found work as a spy and broker of underworld information. In time, Nindil turned aside from such work and established the Garrulous Grocer. He built a good reputation with the city by providing food out of his pocket to the many left homeless and destitute by the ravaging of Myrkul's minions. Nearly a decade later, Nindil was selected to he a Lord. He now speaks for the common folk of Waterdeep.

Six months ago, Nindil was killed and subsumed by Hlaavin, the greater doppelganger who leads the Unseen). Mather Ukkhemn of the Knights of the Shield betrayed Nindil's identity in a fit of pique for a healthy monetary inducement. For now, Hlaavin is content to continue in Nindil's guise, doing nothing untoward to reveal his deception. However, Hlaavin sees this victory as the first step of many in his long-term plan to supplant the Lords of Waterdeep.

Mirt the Moneylender: Also known as Mirt the Merciless and the Old Wolf, Mirt (CG male Tethyrian human fighter 8/rogue 5) is fully detailed Mirt. Mirt's fortified mansion sits on the southern flank of Mount Waterdeep above Smuggler's Dock. His wife, Asper, is an informal member of the Gray Hands.

Larissa Neathal: Larissa (NG female Chondathan expert 10) is a human chameleon, capable with cosmetics and minor magics of changing her hairstyle, hair color, eye color, and dress in the wink of an eye. Her only constants are her distinctive necklace, a gold filigree phoenix rising from a cluster of inset rubies (periapt of proof against poison) , and her taste for extravagant, provocative clothes. Larissa is a courtesan, playing a giggling, empty-headed sex-kitten with all the visiting envoys and diplomats she has time for, and gathering all the information for the Lords that she can that way. When weary or upset, she leans on the shoulder of her closest friend and confidante, Durnan the Wanderer. Her capacity for court parties is legendary, and she can dance all day and all night if necessary, without ill effects. Larissa keeps a house on Mulgomir's Way.

Nymara "Kitten" Scheiron: "Kitten" (NG female Tethyrian human rogue 12) is an intensely secretive person whose full name is known to few. This tousle-haired, fierce woman has a savage temper and a lush, strong figure that belies her years. Although she can appear as a stunning, beautiful lady of high station, she is more-often found heavily perfumed and made-up, posing as a Dock Ward tavern dancer. In less distinctive garb, she is an expert at following people, often taking to the sewers or rooftops when speed is of the essence.

Mirt and Durnan recruited this sometime thief more than twenty-five years ago for her understanding of the common folk, and her practicality influences the details of many actions planned by the Lords. Among her fellow Lords, "Kitten" is closest with Mirt, Durnan, Larissa, and Khelben. She keeps several residences scattered about the city, never staying in any one of them for any length of time.

Sammereza "Sammer" Suiphontis: Sammereza el Sufontis (N male Calishite human expert 15), who employs a variant of his name in the North, is a slightly slimmer, slightly younger, and far more polished version of Mirt. He keeps his brown skin and hair meticulously groomed, and his purples eyes are quite hypnotic. Sammereza is a sly, witty, iron-nerved, sometimes oily wheeler-dealer with sharp eyes that miss nothing.

Sammereza hails from Calimshan but has made his home in the City of Splendors for over thirty-five years. He still favors many layers of silk and extravagant robes, keeping comfortable in northern climes with his ring of warmth, perhaps because he spends so much time traveling. Sammereza will sell anything to anyone, buy almost anything from anyone, and trade most things with most people. When he is in the city, Sammereza takes a room at the Purple Palace.

In recent years, Sammereza has become increasingly tangled in the affairs of his homeland. The recent death of Sammereza's elder brother, Pasha Ahmahd el Sufontis of Calimport's Trades Ward, and the subsequent strife among Sammereza's four nephews and sister-in-law have nearly bankrupted the family fortunes. Moreover, Sammereza's simmering war with the el Synabbat family (a front for the ruling el Pesarkhal family), whose machinations in Skullport have suffered greatly due to Sammereza's interference, is threatening to erupt anew. Sammereza's sister-in-law, widow of Ahmahd, has just become the second wife of the weak, craven Harun yn Bajir el Synabbat (NE male Calishite human commoner 1), cementing her alliance with Harun's first wife and Sammereza's primary enemy, Saida yr Oma yr Pesarkhal el Synabbat (LE female Calishite commoner 7). What began as Sammereza acting on behalf of the Lords in Skullport might soon metastasize into a plague of Calishite assassins pursing a blood vendetta against Sammereza and anyone he associates with in the shadows of Waterdeep.

Texter: Texter (LG male Chondathan human paladin 20 [Tyr]) is a powerfully built, dutiful, pious holy warrior, with a face ruddy and lined, a thick, brown mustache, and a stern, distinguished visage. Fearless but never stupid, he has little patience for ceremony, preferring such activities as leading guard and navy patrols to the cut-and-thrust of just below the surface politics. Texter's vigilance has saved the city from being surprised on more than one occasion, although he still berates himself for the attacks he has missed. When he needs to renew his commitment to the Maimed God, Texter rides forth alone into the wilderness to battle orcs, trolls, and other evil creatures. Texter has little respect for the cleric hierarchy in the Halls of Justice, feeling they spend more time jockeying for position than they do serving the will of Grimjaws. On the rare occasions when he is not in the field, Texter dwells at the Guard Barracks.

Mercenaries and Guides

The City of Splendors is home to countless fighting-men, some of them employed in the armed forces of Waterdeep and others in the private militias of Waterdeep's nobility. A large underclass of warriors intermittently inhabit Dock Ward and South Ward, finding rude accommodations until the next caravan, adventuring company, or warmonger needs their services. Others find employ as guides, leading nobles, adventuring companies, and caravans into the North in hopes of reducing the danger of getting lost or blundering into the territory of some monster.

A sampling of mercenaries and guides are detailed below:

Blazidon One-Eye: Blazidon (CN male Tethyrian human fighter 7/expert 2) is a large, stocky man with graying hair and a patchy, unkempt beard. Although slightly overweight, his many scars and thickly muscled shoulders and arms mark him as a fighter from days past. He still comes out of retirement from time to time, but days are now occupied as a "poor hiring agent for sell-swords" and (secret) owner of the Bowels of the Earth tavern, where he lives. Blazidon spends his nights making the rounds of the city's inns and taverns, befriending poor newcomers who might be willing to hire themselves out as fighters or guards. By day, he can be found, still armed to the teeth, in Virgin's Square, where most caravan-masters know to find him. His fee is one copper piece per person hired, and Blazidon will contact sell-swords for clients, bringing them together to talk business in a little room of the taproom of his tavern. Blazidon is one of the few people in the city who dislikes Filiare of the Inn of the Dripping Dagger, as the two are rivals in the field of finding jobs for hireswords.

Filiare: Filiare (LN male Illuskan human fighter 5/expert 5) is a jovial, middle-aged man whose thinning black hair and mustache are streaked with gray. Despite his years of retirement from the field, Filiare has maintained the strong physique that made him a highly paid mercenary all those decades ago. Filiare used his earnings to purchase the Inn of the Dripping Dagger, now a favored home and watering place for many mercenaries. He is a good, kind, considerate host, more than willing to shave a few coppers off his prices for folks down on their luck: Filiare supplements his income by selling used weapons he keeps on hand (many given to him in lieu of payment by down-on-their-luck warriors) and he competes with Blazidon One-Eye to be the city's leading job-finder for hireswords.

Myrmith Splendon: Myrmith (LN male Tethyrian human fighter 12) is a handsome, clean-shaven man with light-brown, curly hair, light-blue eyes, and a ragged scar across his forehead. His build is light and disarming, but his strength is easily proven in combat. He is always clad in chainmail with a black tabard, alert and ready for action. Myrmith is a "captain-at-arms" (a professional tutor of fighters) who will train willing students in the use of bladed weapons or pole arms. He does not specialize in any particular weapon, but tries to master the greatest number of weapons possible. His fees are steep, but his instruction excellent, and there is often a wait list of a tenday or more unless one is willing to pay double. Myrmith lives in his house on Spindle Street and he is always busy training clients there.

Aluar Zendos: Aluar (CG male Tethyrian human ranger 6 [Mielikki]) is a quiet, unassuming man of muscular build, a hawklike face; and an uncompromising hatred for evil creatures. Aluar is a restless man who does not know what to do in life, but feels his destiny lies with Waterdeep. He recently acquired a singing sword, fulfilling a long-held wish for a magic weapon, but its unusual nature has led him first to New Olamn and now to Those Who Harp and the beginnings of a new friendship with Vedellen Hawkhand (NG male half-sun elf ranger 11).

Aluar keeps a room at the Inn of the Dripping Dagger when in Waterdeep, but regularly makes the rounds of inns and taverns in the Trades Ward. He will offer himself as a guide or caravan-guard for 1 sp/day for any traveling as far north as the mountains allow, as far east as Westgate, or as far south as the cities of Amn. He will readily tutor other rangers as well for 1 sp/day.

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