Faerûnian Random Encounters by Region and Locale

General Locale


Sword - Deep DesertDay - Night
Sword - OasesDay - Night
Sword - Mountains/HillsDay - Night
Plain of Standing StoneDay - Night
In or Near the River of GemsDay - Night


The Cormyrean Marshes

Dales, Cormyr, Sembia



The Great Gray Land of Thar

Stonelands and Goblin Marches

Goblin Marches - Open PlainsDay - Night
Goblin Marches - HillsDay - Night
Goblin Marches - CavesDay - Night
Stonelands - Open AreasDay - Night - Storm
Stonelands - CavesDay - Night

Storm Horns and Thunder Peaks

"Generic" Locations

Notes: Generally speaking, random encounters occur when characters are off the established travel routes. There is (usually) a 5% chance per hour of travel for a random encounter or sighting to take place. An encounter listing in italics indicates that there are no creature statistics given for that encounter - either it is creature that poses absolutely no danger to the characters (a wild song bird) or is an NPC of some type for whom you should use the appropriate NPC stats. (I mean, really, you're going into the Marsh of Tun and you're not prepared for the Tun Bandits?)

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