The Mind's Eye

Draconum Psionicus

By Scott Brocius and Mark A. Jindra

The mighty creatures known as dragons can cause much fear among the average inhabitant of a nation or country. This month's Mind's Eye provides you with several more such beasties to add to your campaign. The ectoplasmic dragon, a new type of psionic dragon, can inspire much awe among those who see it. You can also study the details of a new drake inspired by one of our playtesters. The new dragon golem, called the Sardorian golem, serves as a defender of Sardior's castle. Finally, in the tradition of the Wyrms of the North feature, we round off this month with a unique gem dragon.

Deep within the hallowed halls of the library of Hrodel, several scholars search the dusty tomes for information on a unique gem dragon. Only a few days ago, an expedition found the remains of a defender of Sardior that was buried in a cave-in some three hundred years ago. Among his remains was a journal that described a sleeping three-headed gem dragon. A young follower of Sardior brushed the dust from an ancient tome and read the title to herself: Draconum Psionicus. Perhaps something of interest would be in this one.

Ectoplasmic Dragon

Ectoplasmic dragons are rarely seen, and once they leave the Demiplane of Ectoplasm, they seldom return. They instead choose to make their lairs on one of the chunks of debris found on the Astral Plane, but many travel to the Material Plane to seek treasure or a meal.

Mind Drake

Mind drakes, sages theorize, were created from the backlash of energy released when Sardior destroyed his thane Seradess. They believe the negative energy and hatred involved in the destructive act birthed these creatures, for they have a disdain for most living things -- even each other.

Sardorian Golem

First created by Sardior as guardians for his castle, Sardorian golems have been used by followers of Sardior as guardians for the church and its patrons. The exact methods used in their creation remain a closely guarded secret.

Blithen of Many Names

Blithenpaxantadravos, once an advisor to Sardior himself, is a three-headed gem dragon. He has had many monikers during his time, and his name and titles have been spoken both with respect and hatred. Then, after a time, his names were simply forgotten. Now, he is just Blithen.

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