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We do Dungeons & Dragons and especially The Forgotten Realms, where Elminster and his cronies live.
Note: All information pertains to the Realms prior to 1374 DR. Information from the various novels has NOT been included, nor have the changes detailed in the 4th Edition D&D.
(But if you want to send that along to me, I might include it.)

Today's Weather in Shadowdale
Flamerule 30

Tenth-day of third tenday of

From Dandello's Faerûnian Almanac

Selûne: moon

Low: 50
High: 70
Effective Temperature: -

Winds: From Arctic at 40 mph.
With a Wind chill of 0

Precipitation: No Precipitation

Relative Humidity:
Morning: Moderate
Evening: Moderate

Dawn is at: 5:00

Number of daylight hours: 14

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For the Dungeon Master:

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