Druid's Grove

Nestled in the forest just north of Storm Silverhand's farm, the Druid's Grove is a clearing dotted with large menhirs (standing stones) in a roughly circular fashion. The surrounding oaks of the woods are extremely thick with mistletoe, but whether this is the by product of the long druidic presence or the region was chosen for its richness of mistletoe is unknown.

The menhirs of the Druid's Grove were standing long before Shadowdale was founded, and, it is believed, long before the drow themselves took command of this region. They were said to be completely covered in runes and sigils, but now they are worn almost smooth.

The druids of Shadowdale and the surrounding forest in the past have used the grove as a place of both meeting and worship. A group known as the Circle has in the years past been responsible for the grove, the clearing, and the menhirs. A group of neutrals and good-aligned humans, they have lived apart from the community of Shadowdale and interfered only when the forest itself or the existence of the community was threatened. During the fall of Castle Krag, for example, members of the Circle were present not to aid either side, but rather to contain the blaze and keep it from needlessly spreading to the surrounding woods.

Shadowdale (1368 DR).