Druid's Grove - The Circle

A group known as the Circle has in years past been responsible for the Druid's Grove. During the Time of Troubles, the members of the Circle were:

In addition, the Circle contains a number of rangers. They include: Briadorn (NG human female Rgr9), Rathagol (CG human male Rgr8), Reptar (CG elf male Rgr6), Selvan (NG half-elf female Rgr5), Temis (NG human male Rgr5)

In the period following the Time of the Troubles, the Circle has chosen to abandon the Grove and seek out a new, more secluded location. This is in part due to the troubles that Shadowdale has experienced - invading armies, warring gods, and a continual flow of adventurers. It is also in part due to the increasingly civilized nature of Shadowdale itself. In particular, the recent construction of a temple to the nature goddess, Chauntea, in the town has done much to convince the Circle that they should seek a new location.

For the DM, the Circle provides an organization of neutral and neutral good individuals who may be used with ranger and druid player characters, particularly those druid initiates who reach 12th level and must confront a full druid within the hierarchy. The Circle may or may not return to Shadowdale - if it is inconvenient for the campaign, the DM may choose to send its members off wandering or even relocate them in another area where the player characters may seek them out.

Shadowdale (1368 DR).