Dracolich, Ancient Blue* (CR 23)

Gargantuan Undead
Alignment: Lawful evil
Initiative: +0; Senses: blindsense 60 ft., darkvision 120 ft., keen senses, low-light vision, Spot +41, and listen +41

AC: 40 (-4 size, +34 natural), touch 8, flat-footed 42
Hit Dice: 33d12 (214 hp); DR: 15/magic and 5/bludgeoning
Fort +18, Ref +18, Will +23
Speed: 40 ft., burrow 20 ft., fly 200 ft. (clumsy)
Space: 20 ft./15 ft.
Base Attack +33; Grapple +57
Attack: Bite +41 melee
Full Attack: Bite +41 melee and 2 claws +36 melee and 2 wings +36 melee and tail slap +36 melee
Damage: Bite 4d6+12), claws 2d8+6, wings 2d6+6, tail slap 2d8+18
Special Attacks/Actions: Breath weapon, control undead, create/destroy water, crush, frightful presence, paralyzing gaze, paralyzing touch, rend, snatch, spell-like abilities, spells, tail sweep
Abilities: Str 35, Dex 10, Con -, Int 20, Wis 21, Cha 22
Special Qualities: immunity to cold, electricity, magic sleep effects, polymorph, and paralysis, invulnerability, SR 30, undead traits
Feats: Blind-fight; Combat Expertise; Extend Spell; Flyby Attack; Hover; Improved Maneuverability; Large and in Charge; Power Attack; Recover Breath; Rend; Shape Breath; Snatch
Skills: Bluff +42, Concentration +27, Diplomacy +46, Disguise +6 (+8 acting), Gather Information +8, Hide +19, Intimidate +44, Knowledge (arcana) +24, Knowledge (geography) +15, Knowledge (history) +15, Knowledge (local) +15, Knowledge (nature) +15, Knowledge (religion) +15, Search +41, Sense Motive +41, Spellcraft +43, Spot +41, Survival +5 (+7 above ground natural environments, avoiding getting lost, following tracks), and listen +41
Advancement: 34-35 HD (Gargantuan)
Climate/Terrain: Temperate deserts
Organization: Solitary
Treasure/Possessions: Triple standard

Source: Draconomicon

This dracolich uses its spells to warn of and spy on approaching enemies, ensuring that it knows enough to defend itself. It prefers hit-and-run tactics, using dimension door to come and go as it pleases. It separates targets with spells such as solid fog and web, and then picks off lone foes.

This dracolich also uses any magic items in its possession to best effect (generate its treasure according to the normal rules.

This dracolich's natural weapons are treated as magic weapons for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction.

Breath Weapon (Su): 120-ft. line (60-ft. cone if shaped), 20d8 electricity, Reflex DC 32 half.

Frightful Presence (Ex): This dracolich can unsettle foes with its mere presence. The ability takes effect automatically whenever it attacks, charges, or flies overhead. Creatures within a radius of 180 feet are subject to the effect if they have fewer than 35 HD. A potentially affected creature that succeeds on a DC 32 Will save remains immune to its frightful presence for 24 hours. On a failure, creatures with 4 or fewer HD become panicked for 4d6 rounds and those with 5 or more HD become shaken for 4d6 rounds. Dracoliches ignore the frightful presence of other dracoliches.

Rend (Ex): Extra damage 4d8+18.

Snatch (Ex): Against Medium or smaller creatures, bite for 4d6+12/round or claw for 2d8+6/round.

Invulnerability: If a dracolich is slain, its spirit immediately returns to its phylactery, from where it may attempt to possess a suitable corpse.

Keen Senses (Ex): This dracolich sees four times as well as a human in low-light conditions and twice as well in normal light. It also has darkvision out to 120 feet.

Paralyzing Gaze (Su): The gaze of a dracolich's glowing eyes can paralyze victims within 40 feet if they fail a DC 24 Fortitude save. If the saving throw is successful, the character is forever immune to the gaze of that particular dracolich. If it fails, the victim is paralyzed for 2d6 rounds.

Paralyzing Touch (Su): A creature struck by any of this dracolich's physical attacks must make a DC 24 Fortitude save or be paralyzed for 2d6 rounds. A successful saving throw against this effect does not confer any immunity against subsequent attacks.

Spell-like Abilities: 3/day - create/destroy water (Will DC 32 negates), ventriloquism (DC 17); 1/day - hallucinatory terrain (DC 20), veil (DC 22). Caster level 33rd.

Spells: As 13th-level sorcerer.

Tail Sweep (Ex): A dracolich can sweep with its tail as a standard action. The sweep affects a half-circle with a diameter of 30 feet. It deals 2d6+21 points of damage to Small or smaller creatures (Reflex DC 32 half).

Spells Known (6/8/8/7/7/7/5; save DC 16 + spell level): 0 - arcane mark, dancing lights, daze, detect magic, ghost sound, mage hand, mending, ray of frost, read magic; 1st - alarm, comprehend languages, magic missile, shield, unseen servant; 2nd - blur, darkness, detect thoughts, resist energy, web; 3rd - blink, dispel magic, slow, vampiric touch; 4th - arcane eye, confusion, dimension door, solid fog; 5th - cloud kill, dispel good, dominate person; 6th - disintegrate, globe of invulnerability.

This diabolical creature has turned an ancient tomb complex into its lair. Once a place of respect for the dead, the area has become a charnel house.