Life in the Realms

Nomadic hunters wander the icy barrens of the Great Glacier and the trackless jungles of Chult. Soot-covered armorers hammer away in the dwarven forges of the Great Rift and the stinking smelters of Baldur's Gate. Heavily guarded merchant caravans wind through Calimshan's harsh deserts and along the roads of the Heartlands. An adventurer's road leads through many lands and even more cultures, customs, and locales.

Most of Faerûn's humans labor as peasants, farmers, and simple craftsfolk, living in countless tiny thorps and villages. Over this vast sea of simple folk rule the wealthy and the privileged, in whatever form wealth and privilege take in a particular land. In some lands the common people are ruthlessly shackled and exploited by their cruel overlords, but by ard large Faerûn is populated by folk content with their lot in life. This chapter covers many aspects of life in Faerûn.

Faerûn Atlas