Deities of Faerûn
Human Pantheon


Power: Demigod
Title: Father of the Uthgardt, Battle Father
Alignment: CN
Worshipers: Totem Alignment
Clerics: Totem Alignment
Symbol: that of the individual beast totem spirit
Domains: Animal, Chaos, Retribution, Strength, War, and Wrath
Portfolio: physical strength and the uthgardt barbarian tribes
Psionic Mantles: Conflict, Justice, Natural World, and Physical Power
Favored weapon: Appropriate beast totem spirit (battleaxe)
Specifically Opposed Deities: Auril, Helm, Ilmater, Malar, Torm, and Tyr


  • Holy Day of the Beast Totem (19 Ches - Vernal Equinox)
  • Holy Day of the Beast Totem (20 Kythorn - Summer Solstice)
  • Runemeet (21 Eleint - Autumnal Equinox)
  • Holy Day of the Beast Totem (20 Nightal - Winter Solstice)

Popular Regions

  • Uthgardt Tribesfolk (Human)