Wrath Domain

Granted Powers: Once per day, you may subtract a number of points from your Wisdom score equal to or less than your cleric level. For every 2 points you subtract from your Wisdom score, add 1 point to your Strength score. You suffer all the effects of reduced Wisdom including access to spells and bonus spells, reduction of Will saves, and penalties on Wisdom-based skills. This trade between ability scores lasts for 1 round per deric level and cannot be ended prematurely.

1 - Rhino's Rush

2 - Bull's Strength

3 - Rage

4 - Shout

5 - Righteous Might

6 - Song of Discord

7 - Tenser's Transformation

8 - Shout, Greater

9 - Storm of Vengeance

Aligned Spells In Non-aligned Domains

Some domains listed include spells with an alignment descriptor, meaning that a character with the domain may be unable to cast one or more of his domain spells. Spellcasters who are restricted from casting spells of certain alignments must abide by those restrictions even if the spell is a domain spell. For instance, a chaotic cleric who chooses the Inquisition domain cannot cast any of the domain spells with the Law descriptor, such as detect chaos.

Cleric Domains of Faerûn