Deities of Faerûn
Human Pantheon


Power: Lesser deity
Title: Rider of the Winds, the Helping hand
Alignment: CN
Worshipers: LG, LN, NG, N, CG, CN
Clerics: NG, CG, N, CN
Symbol: A wind-walking bearded man in traveler's cape and boots
Domains: Air, Chaos, Portal, Protection, Trade, and Travel
Portfolio: caravans, exploration, portals, and travel
Psionic Mantles: Chaos, Elements, Freedom, and The Planes
Favored weapon: Sword of Shadows [greatsword]
Specifically Opposed Deities: Beshaba and Shar


  • Windride (15 Tarsakh)

Popular Regions

  • Dalelands (Human)
  • Great Dale (Human)
  • Thesk (Human)
  • Thesk (Orc and Half-Orc)