Deities of Faerûn
Human Pantheon


Power: Intermediate deity
Title: The Maid of Misfortune, Black Bess, Lady Doom, Maid of Misrule
Alignment: CE
Worshipers: Any, but mainly CN, NE, CE
Clerics: CN, NE, CE
Symbol: Black antlers on a red field
Domains: Chaos, Envy, Evil, Fate, Luck, Lust, Trickery, and Wrath
Portfolio: accidents, bad luck, misfortune, and random mischief
Favored weapon: Ill Fortune [barbed scourge] (scourge)


  • Midsummer (Midsummer)
  • Shieldmeet (Shieldmeet)

Popular Regions

  • Anauroch (Human)
  • Nelanther Isles (Human)
  • Sword Coast, The (Human)