Deities of Faerûn
Human Pantheon


Power: Intermediate deity
Title: Our Lady of Silver, Moonmaiden
Alignment: CG
Worshipers: LG, NG, CG
Clerics: LG, NG, CG, LN, N, CN
Symbol: Pair of female eyes surrounded by seven silver stars
Domains: Chaos, Chastity, Good, Moon, Protection, and Travel
Portfolio: good and neutral lycanthropes, moon, navigation, prophecy, questers, and stars
Psionic Mantles: Chaos, Freedom, Good, and Light and Darkness
Favored weapon: The Wand of Four Moons (heavy mace)
Specifically Opposed Deities: Mask, Shar, and Umberlee


  • Conjuring of the Second Moon (Shieldmeet)

Popular Regions

  • Silverymoon (Half-Elf)
  • Waterdeep (Half-Elf)
  • Aglarond (Human)
  • Altumbel (Human)
  • Amn (Human)
  • Anauroch (Human)
  • Golden Water (Human)
  • Hordelands (Human)
  • Impiltur (Human)
  • Lapaliiya (Human)
  • Ride, The (Human)
  • Wizard's Reach (Human)
  • Ashane (Spirit folk)