Deities of Faerûn
Human Pantheon


Power: Lesser deity
Title: Master of All Thieves, Lord of Shadows
Alignment: NE
Worshipers: NG, CG, LN, N, CN, LE, NE, CE
Clerics: LN, N, CN, LE, NE, CE
Symbol: Black velvet mask tinged with red
Domains: Avarice, Darkness, Envy, Evil, Luck, Sloth, and Trickery
Portfolio: shadows, thievery, and thieves
Favored weapon: Stealthwhisper (longsword)
Specifically Opposed Deities: Helm, Oghma, Torm, and Selûne

Popular Regions

  • Dragon Coast (Human)
  • Moonsea (Human)
  • Mulhorand (Human)
  • Shaar, The (Human)
  • Sword Coast, The (Human)
  • Thesk (Human)