Deities of Faerûn
Human Pantheon


Power: Lesser deity
Title: The High One, Patron of Mages, Lord of Spells
Alignment: LN
Worshipers: Any Alignment
Clerics: LG, LN, N, CN, LE
Symbol: Human left hand pointing upward outlined in blue fire
Domains: Illusion, Knowledge, Law, Magic, and Spell
Portfolio: mages, spellcasters in general, and wizards
Psionic Mantles: Knowledge, Law, Magic, and Mental Power
Favored weapon: The Old Staff (quarterstaff)
Specifically Opposed Deities: Cyric and Mask

Popular Regions

  • Calimshan (Human)
  • Chessenta (Human)
  • Halruaa (Human)
  • Lantan (Human)
  • Sembia (Human)
  • Thay (Planetouched)