Races of the East: Spirit Folk

Spirit folk are the descendants of humans and various spirits of nature. They are not common in any land but are found most often in and around Rashemen, a land renowned for its guardian spirits. A small number of spirit folk can also be found in Thesk, among Shou immigrants from distant Kara-Tur. The spirit folk of the Unapproachable East belong to two distinct branches - mountain spirits and river spirits.

Personality: Spirit folk tend to be serene, attuned to their surroundings and at peace with the world. Their ancestry gives them an awareness of the spirit world, but they have little desire to manipulate that world through magic. They manifest a love and enjoyment of life that many humans envy.

Physical Description: Spirit folk look human, although they are fine-featured, with small mouths, thin eyebrows, and pale or golden complexions. They have no facial or body hair, but the hair on their heads is thick and luxurious. They appear in all the diversity that humans display, although most spirit folk in the East show Rashemi features and coloring. Many are strikingly beautiful.

Relations: Spirit folk typically live as part of human society, although they rarely remain in any one village or town for more than a single human generation. Spirit folk prefer to blend in with the surrounding population, acknowledging human rulers and making their way through life as any full-blooded human would. Their neighbors don't realize how different the spirit folk truly are and regard them as "wise ones" who understand things most people do not perceive.

Spirit folk get along well with elves and fey creatures of all sorts, as well as the spirits of Rashemen.

Alignment: Perhaps because of their strong ties to the natural world, spirit folk seek a benevolent balance between extremes. They tend toward neutral good alignment.

Religion: Spirit folk share the religious habits of their human neighbors. In Rashemen, they often venerate Silvanus, Mielikki, and Selûne.

Language: Spirit folk speak Common, Sylvan, and the local human language of their native region - usually Rashemi, but sometimes Shou or Tuigan.

Names: Spirit folk of Rashemi descent usually have Rashemi names. Male: Andar, Chevik, Daumar, Hladislak, Ilvik, Olek, Pergaur. Female: Ayvarra, Belmith, Emmezel, Gevarra, Iseldra, Karra, Ranya. Surnames: Antonin, Fyodorin, Gudenny, Kerska, Molotva.

Adventurers: Some spirit folk more acutely feel their differences from their human neighbors and take up the life of an adventurer to find their way. More rarely, sheer wanderlust impels spirit folk to explore the world and experience its natural beauty.

Regions: Most of the spirit folk found in the Unapproachable East are native to Rashemen or Thesk and choose the appropriate region. The Shou region is also appropriate for spirit folk immigrants from Kara-Tur.

Mountain Spirit Folk Racial traits

Mountain spirit folk have the following abilities and characteristics.

River Spirit Folk Racial Traits

River spirit folk have the following abilities and characteristics.

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