More on the Races of Faerûn

The tables below extend the information about generating starting and maximum age, height, and weight for player characters (presented in Chapter 6: Description in the Player's Handbook 3.5) to include the common races of Faerûn.

Age: You can choose your character's starting age or determine it randomly by consulting Table 1: Random Starting Ages. Table 2 gives the age ranges for each age category and the ability score adjustments applicable to each.

1: Random Starting Ages
Human15 years+1d4+1d6+2d6
Dwarf (any)40 years+3d6+5d6+7d6
Elf (any]110 years+4d6+6d6+10d6
Gnome, deep20 years+4d6+6d6+9d6
Gnome, rock40 years+4d6+6d6+9d6
Half-elf20 years+1d6+2d6+3d6
Half-orc14 years+1d4+1d6+2d6
Halfling20 years+2d4+3d6+4d6
Planetouched (any)15 years+1d6+1d8+2d8


2: Aging Effects
RaceMiddle Age*Old**Venerable***Maximum Age
Human35 years53 years70 years+2d20 years
Dwarf (any)125 years188 years250 years+2d% years
Elf, Sun210 years315 years420 years+6d% years
Elf, other175 years263 years350 years+4d% years
Gnome, deep80 years120 years160 years+2d% years
Gnome, rock100 years150 years200 years+3d% years
Half-elf62 years93 years125 years+3d20 years
Half-orc30 years45 years60 years+2d10 years
Halfling50 years75 years100 years+5d20 years
Planetouched (any)45 years68 years90 years+3d20 years
*-1 to Str, Con, and Dex; +1 to Int, Wis, and Cha.
**-2 to Str, Con, and Dex; +1 to Int, Wis, and Cha.
***-3 to Str, Con, and Dex, +1 to Int, Wis, and Cha.

Height and Weight: You can choose your character's height and weight based on the ranges given on Table 3: Random Height and Weight and your character's ability scores, or you can randomly generate these figures using Table 3.

3: Random Height and Weight
 Base HeightBase Weight
Human, Calishite (also Durpari and Zakharans)4'9"4'4"+2d10,115 lb.80 lb.x( 2d4) lb.
Human, Chondathan (Also Maztican [Nexalan], Turami)5'0"4'7"+3d6120 lb.85 lb.x (2d4) lb.
Human, Damara (Also Halruaans, Lantannas, Netherese, Shaarans, Shou, Tashalans, Tuigans, and Vaasans)4'10"4'5"+2d10120 lb.85 lb.x (2d4) lb.
Human, Illuskan (Also Chultan)5'2"4'9"+2d8140 lb.105 lb.x (2d4) lb.
Human, Mulan (Also Sossrims)4'11"4'6"+2d10120 lb.85 lb.x (2d4) lb.
Human, Rashemi (Also Gurs, Nars, Raumvirans, and Ulutiuns)4'10"4'5"+2d8130 lb.95 lb.x (2d4) lb.
Human, Tethyrian (Also Ffolk)4'10"4'5"+2d10125 lb.90 lb.x (2d4) lb.
Dwarf, gold3'9"3'7"+2d4130 lb.100 lb.x (2d6) lb.
Dwarf, gray3'9"3'7"+2d4110 lb.80 lbx (2d4) lb.
Dwarf, shield4'2"4'0"+2d4145 lb.110 lb.x (2d6) lb.
Elf, drow4'5"4'5"+2d685 lb.80 lb.x (1d6) lb.
Elf, moon4'10"4'5"+2d1090 lb.70 lb.x (2d4) lb.
Elf, sun4'10"4'5"+2d1090 lb.70 lb.x (2d4) lb.
Elf, wild4'10"4'5"+2d10100 lb.80 lb.x (2d4) lb.
Elf, wood4'10"4'5"+2d10100 lb.80 lb.x (2d4) lb.
Gnome, deep2'10"2'8"+2d440 lb.35 lb.x 1 lb.
Gnome, rock3'0"2'10"+2d440 lb.35 lb.x 1 lb.
Half-elf, drow4'7"4'5"+2d8100 lb.80 lb.x (2d4) lb.
Half-elf, other4'10"4'5"+2d10110 lb.80 lb.x (2d4) lb.
Half-orc4'10"4'5"+2d12150 lb.110 lb.x (2d6) lb.
Halfling2'8"2'6"+2d430 lb.25 lb.x 1 lb.
Planetouched, aasimar4'10"4'5"+2d10120 lb.85 lb.x (2d4) lb.
Planetouched, air genasi4'10"4'5"+2d10120 lb.85 lb.x (1d6) lb.
Planetouched, earth genasi4'10"4'5"+2d10120 lb.85 lb.x (2d6) lb.
Planetouched, fire genasi4'10"4'5"+2d12120 lb.85 lb.x (2d4) lb.
Planetouched, tiefling4'10"4'5"+2d10120 lb.85 lb.x (2d4) lb.
Planetouched, water genasi4'10"4'5"+2d8120 lb.85 lb.x (2d4) lb.

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