Soldier of Light - Greyhawk Prestige Class

This Prestige class uses elements that may not be applicable to the Forgotten Realms Campaign

The Soldiers of Light are a military order of the church of Elishar, dedicated to open warfare against the minions of Toldoth in anticipation of the final conflict between Toldoth's forces and the hosts of Elishar. Every soldier's dream is to fight alongside Elishar in the great battle and help achieve the ultimate victory of the light. To that end, the Soldiers of Light practice rigorous discipline of military training, prayer, and asceticism to ensure that they are prepared for the final battle, whenever it should occur.

The soldier of light prestige class bears a certain resemblance to the paladin and the blackguard, military champions devoted to a particular alignment. It attracts followers of Elishar from a variety of different classes. Clerics, fighters, and rangers are the most common, hut martial-minded rogues and bards, and even some wizards and sorcerers join the order and adopt the prestige class. Barbarians and monks are barred by virtue of their alignment, but former members of both classes have been known to join the order after abandoning their past classes.

NPC soldiers of the light are found wherever there is evil to combat. They often cooperate with paladins and other allies of good alignment. The order itself is structured fairly loosely, with some close-knit cells and a number of "members at large" who travel widely and adventure extensively.

Hit Die: d10

To qualify to become a Soldier of Light, a character must fulfill all the following criteria:

Soldier of Light Details

From: Deities and Demigods

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