Rimefire Witch - Frostfell Prestige Class

This Prestige class uses elements that may not be applicable to the Forgotten Realms Campaign

Untold ages ago, a powerful uldra deity of the frostfell by the name of Hleid was defeated by her nemeses Iborighu. But Iborighu failed to destroy her existence completely, and the last fragments of her being scattered into the polar seas in a desperate attempt to escape destruction. These spheres of magical cold energy were the first rimefire eidolons, and as they struck the seas they manifested great icebergs to further hide and protect themselves from Iborighu and his minions. They waited, patient but potent, for the time to come when Hleid could be reborn and vengeance against Iborighu could be realized. The rimefire eidolons strive to achieve this goal by sending out hidden signals to touch the last few devoted worshipers of Hleid in hope of recruiting their aid.

A character who follows this mysterious call to its source, the core of a rimefire iceberg, becomes infused with great power by the rimefire eidolon. This action forms a powerful bond between the character and the eidolon; once this bond has been created, the character can draw magical power and strength from the iceberg surrounding the eidolon. This grants her several magical abilities, including the ability to channel rimefire as a ranged attack. Ar the same time, she slowly begins to take on aspects of the rimefire eidolon itself, transforming over time into a devoted guardian of the eidolon to which she has become bonded. These fey guardians represent the final apotheosis of the rimefire witch.

The only people who have been able to follow the rimefire call and forge a bond with the eidolon within are worshipers of Hleid, and among them, females are the most likely to hear the call of the rimefire, since the priesthood of Hleid is typically made up of women. Males who answer this call are not unknown, but are much less common; they are known as rimefire warlocks. Originally, uldras were the only worshipers of Hleid, but since her near destruction she has opened her arms to any who would revere her.

Rimefire witches are not bound to remain physically on the iceberg home of their bonded eidolon; in fact, many rimefire witches rarely visit their eidolon. Instead, they spend much of their time crusading against the cult of Iborighu or researching methods to restore Hleid to her proper glory.

Hit Die: d6

To qualify to become a Rimefire Witch, a character must fulfill all the following criteria:

Rimefire Witch Details

From: Frostburn

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