Mark Of Hleid

Type: General
Source: Frostburn

You bear a birthmark in the shape of the holy symbol of Hleid (a ragged white triangle with a vortex of blue flame in its center) somewhere on your body; this mark identifies you as an ally of the church of Hleid and grants you supernatural qualities.
Prerequisite: Your patron deity must be Hleid.
Benefit: The actual birthmark itself radiates faint abjuration magic if it is viewed with a detect magic spell, and faint good if viewed with a detect good spell.
You are immune to the frost touch special attack of a rimefire eidolon. Additionally, you can handle rimefire ice barehanded without taking any cold damage.
Cleric is now a favored class for you; the cleric class does not count when determining whether you take an experience point penalty for multiclassing.
You gain a +2 sacred bonus to your Armor Class against evil-aligned creatures with the cold subtype.
Special: If you ever lose favor with Hleid, or change your patron deity to another deity, the mark of Hleid fades and you lose all benefits of this feat. You do not gain a replacement feat. If you later return to Hleid's faithful and receive an atonement spell, the mark reappears and you regain the benefits of the feat.