Moon Drover - Faerun Prestige Class

This is a Forgotten Realms Exclusive Class

Winters are a particularly harsh season for the humans and animals of the Farsea Marshes. On a midwinter night a millennium ago, legend claims Bright Nydra fell to Faerûn from the trailing lights of the Tears of Selûne in the form of a falling star. She is the winter moon that brings the Marsh Drovers hope and strength as they await the arrival of spring. She claimed to be the daughter of Selûne and Shaundakul and a goddess of hope and renewal. Although this might well have been true long ago, today Bright Nydra is but an aspect of Selûne, Lady of Silver and goddess of the moon.

The Marsh Drovers of the Farsea Marshes, all of whom are considered "One with the Winter Moon," worship Bright Nydra. She is loved for her wisdom and kindness and venerated as the head of a pantheon that includes Eldath, Lathander, Mielikki, and Chauntea, among others. Clerics of Bright Nydra are identical to the clerics of Selûne, except their favored weapon is the wooden club. Druids of Bright Nydra are identical to druids in the Player's Handbook. Most moon drovers are multiclassed human cleric/druids known as Moon Maidens, although some men, known as Moon Guards, also become moon drovers.

Moon drovers spend their days providing counsel and wisdom to the Marsh Drovers. They teach their people how to become one with the catoblepas herds, thus allowing them to milk the magical beasts for the precious liquid they churn into the delectable Death Cheese. They favor bright-colored clothing made from natural fibers, all of which are harvested from the Farsea Marshes.

Hit Die: d8

To qualify to become a Moon Drover, a character must fulfill all the following criteria:

Moon Drover Details

From: Dragon #307

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