Emancipated Spawn - Monster Prestige Class

This Prestige class uses elements that may not be applicable to the Forgotten Realms Campaign

Wretched slaves of undead, bonded eternally by unnatural death, various kinds of spawn haunt the night. Once in a great while, one of these unfortunates finds herself freed when the undead creature that created it is destroyed. Now, though still cursed with undeath, the emancipated spawn begins to recall her former life and perhaps finds some measure of redemption.

The unlife of an emancipated spawn is a lonely one. Few creatures she meets are likely to perceive that she is searching for old memories and simply try to destroy her as quickly as possible. An emancipated spawn might be found in the company of her former adventuring friends (who may even have been her liberators), who are unwilling to abandon their former companion.

Hit Die: d12

To qualify to become an Emancipated Spawn, a character must fulfill all the following criteria:

Emancipated Spawn Details

From: Savage Species

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