Beloved of Valarian - Exalted Prestige Class

This Prestige class uses elements that may not be applicable to the Forgotten Realms Campaign

The beloved of Valarian (also called Valarian's beloved) are women who have forsworn the love of mortals to dedicate themselves entirely to the unicorn deity Valarian, thus fostering a close bond with unicorns. They normally come from the ranks of exalted rangers or druids, although there have been paladin and even fighters who have chosen this path. Most of Valarian's beloved are humans, elves, and half-elves, but halflings, gnomes, and dwarves are not prohibited.

A beloved of Valarian is a solitary being, shunning civilization. She retreats to the woods where she maintains few contacts with the outside world. Because she champions the cause of good, she calls upon their animal allies to help repel invaders should evil invade her forest refuge. Her relationship with the unicorn is nothing less than a partnership forged in light. She has a closer emotional bond to her mount than she does with her own family members. Just as she relies on the unicorn, the unicorn relies on her to help keep its mysteries safe.

All of Valarian's beloved must be chaste and must dedicate herself wholly both to good and her unicorn companion. Should a beloved of Valarian ever willingly couple with a mortal, the unicorn leaves her company without hard feelings or regret. Because of the solitary existence these women must endure, it is rare (but not unheard of) for Valarian's beloved to join ranks with others. They prefer the companionship of paladins but associate with any good characters during times of trouble. Under no circumstances will one of Valarian's beloved agree to join with an evil character, and she barely tolerates neutral characters.

The beloved of Valarian and their unicorn companions may leave their forest sanctuaries should they be needed to fight evil.

Hit Die: d10

To qualify to become a Beloved of Valarian, a character must fulfill all the following criteria:

Beloved of Valarian Details

From: Book of Exalted Deeds

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