Selunite Foundling

Gentle Selûne is known for her kindness and compassion, and the people of Faerûn know her priests reflect those traits. As a moon goddess, she looks after women in need, and her church takes in unwanted infants and young orphans. While most of these little ones are perfectly normal, some of them do look odd (tieflings, changelings, and strange hybrids have been left at Selûne's temples), but in the Moonmaiden's temple even the strangest children are treated normally. Foundlings of Selûne's temples tend to be creative, lucky, and on the alert for evil lycanthropes.
Region: Aglarond, Amn, Cormyr, Impiltur, the North.
Automatic Language: As region.
Bonus Languages: As region.
Favored Deities: Selûne
Regional Feats: Artist, Foe Hunter (lycanthropes), Luck of Heroes
Bonus Equipment: (A) masterwork mace
(B) masterwork chain shirt
(C) one moon mote and one application of oil of bless weapon.