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Locking Mechanism

A locking mechanism consists of a pair of handles that attach to any thin, supple item (such as a rope, steel cable, wire, and so on). The handles slide along the garroting material freely, but when brought together they can lock in place together. Once you secure the garrote you can lock the garrote in place with a move action. This maintains strangling pressure on your opponent even after you let go. The garroted creature continues to make grapple checks (each one opposed by the last grapple check you made) until freed or unconscious. Unlocking the handles from each other is a free action. Adding a locking mechanism to a garrote makes the garrote an exotic weapon.

The DC for a Disable Device check made to remove a locked garrote is 10 if the character has Exotic Weapon Proficiency (locking garrote) or 25 if she does not. If someone other than the victim makes the attempt, a -5 penalty applies unless the garroted character is held, unconscious, or otherwise kept from moving. A character attempting to remove a locked garrote from around his own neck takes a -5 penalty for working blindly. A character cannot take 10 or take 20 on this check unless the creature garroted is already dead. Failing a Disable Device check by 5 or more causes the victim to lose an additional round's worth of air (or deals a round's worth of damage, if using those rules).

Range Inc
Source Dragon #355
A locking mechanism turns a standard garrote into an exotic weapon requiring a Disable Device check of 25 (or 10 if the character in question has Exotic Weapon Proficiency (locking Garrote)

Preferred weapon of: No known deity.

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