Saurosphinx (CR 5)

Large Magical Beast
Alignment: Usually neutral
Initiative: +2 (Dex); Senses: darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision, Listen +12, and Spot +12

AC: 19 (-1 size, +2 Dex, +8 natural), touch 11, flat-footed 17
Hit Dice: 8d10+32 (76 hp)
Fort +10, Ref +8, Will +4
Speed: 60 ft., fly 90 ft. (poor)
Space: 10 ft./5 ft.
Base Attack +8; Grapple +16
Attack: Claw +11 melee
Full Attack: 2 claws +11 melee
Damage: Claw 1d6+4
Special Attacks/Actions: Pounce, rake 1d6+2
Abilities: Str 19, Dex 14, Con 19, Int 11, Wis 15, Cha 15
Special Qualities:
Feats: Alertness; Flyby Attack; Power Attack
Skills: Knowledge (any one) +6, Listen +12, and Spot +12
Advancement: 9-15 HD (Large); 16-24 HD (Huge)
Climate/Terrain: Warm deserts
Organization: Solitary, pair, or clutch (5-10)
Treasure: Standard

Source: Sandstorm


Saurosphinxes avoid combat, but when given no other choice they try to limit an opponent's ability to attack at range. They tend to make flyby attacks on opponents with long-range weapons - bows and crossbows, typically - and depart as soon afterward as possible. A saurosphinx forced to fight on the ground tries its best to take to the air and flee as soon as it can.

Pounce (Ex): If a sphinx charges a foe, it can make a full attack, including two rake attacks.

Rake (Ex): A sphinx that pounces onto a creature can make two rake attacks with its hind legs. Attack bonus +11, damage 1d6+4.