Owl, Snow (CR 1/4)

Tiny Animal
Alignment: Always neutral
Initiative: +3 (Dex); Senses: low-light vision, Listen +14, and Spot +6*

AC: 17 (+2 size, +3 Dex, +2 natural), touch 15, flat-footed 14
Hit Dice: 1d8 (4 hp)
Fort +2, Ref +5, Will +2
Speed: 10 ft., fly 40 ft. (average)
Space: 2 1/2 ft./0 ft.
Base Attack +0; Grapple -11
Attack: Talons +5 melee
Full Attack: Talons +5 melee
Damage: Talons 1d2-2
Special Attacks/Actions: -
Abilities: Str 6, Dex 17, Con 10, Int 2, Wis 14, Cha 4
Special Qualities:
Feats: Alertness; Weapon Finesse
Skills: Listen +14, Move Silently +17, and Spot +6*
Advancement: 2 HD (Small)
Climate/Terrain: Cold forest
Organization: Solitary
Treasure/Possessions: none

Source: Converted

The Snow Owl is a large owl found across North. Estimated size: 21-28 in., Wingspan: 50 - 57 in.

The Snow Owl is a very large, very white bird, with brightly colored yellow eyes. These owls are well adapted to life in the arctic. Males are almost completely white colored. Females on the other hand, and young Snow Owls, have dark spots lining their bodies. Their feet are heavily feathered, giving them added protection against harsh weather.

Skills: +2 on Listen and Spot checks. Owls also receive a +8 racial bonus to Listen checks, and a +14 to Move Silently checks. They receive a +8 racial bonus to Spot checks in dusk and darkness.