Aencar, the Mantled King

Dalesfolk admire heroes who resemble themselves: modest, hard working, and enduring. They rally swiftly after defeat, rebuild rather than whine, and stand up for what is right, without bluster. "I fear you'll have to strike me down first," is the quiet warning made popular by the first man to unite the Dales, Aencar the Mantled King.

Aencar (ay-AN-kar) Burlisk was a warrior of Battledale who grew up with local elves from whom he learned forest lore, military skills, and wisdom, along with patience and empathy for others As a young man he left the Dales to adventure with Sembian acquaintances who called themselves the Mailed Mantle.

The warriors of the Mantle enjoyed great success as mercenaries, serving one Sembian employer after another. Inevitably, though, they were marked for death by Sembian foes and fearful employers. The Mantle warriors chose to make themselves scarce in Senabia and returned to Battledale.

There, Aencar and his comrades found corrupt local merchants taking advantage of poor neighbors through usury and hired thugs. The Mantle ended such practices and Aencar, the group's leader, was hailed as lord of Battledale. Aencar tended the safety and prosperity of his people as diligently as a good farmer tends his livestock, and the other members of the Mantle settled into comfortable roles patrolling the dale. For nine years Aencar made Battledale ever stronger. Traders from other dales took their measure of him, liked what they saw, and told him of monsters and oppressive rulers elsewhere.

In 1,038 DR, Aencar decided to make himself King of the Dales. In the winter months he persuaded the folk of Shadowdale and Tasseldale to join with Battledale under his rule. In spring he, burst forth like an angry storm against the other dales, striking swiftly and leaving the folk of the Mantle in his wake as either lords or "swordsmasters" In one season, the Mantle banner rose over all the dales except Archendale and High Dale. Within two years, Dalefolk came to love their king and saw his rule as rightful.

Unfortunately, Aencar, reigned for only six summers as King of the Dales, and accounts of his "fifteen year-rule" include his time as Lord of Battledale. During that time, Aencar seldom rested from fighting monsters, brigands, agents of Archendale and Sembia, and evil wizards. After one wizard cursed Aencar with a rotting disease, he concealed his wasting flesh behind a red hood and mask, becoming the Mantled King.

In 1044 DR, Aencar was slain by a dracolich during a feast. His lieutenants destroyed the bone dragon and its summoners (evil wizards, notably Alacanther of Arrabar, and burned Aencar in his manor house. The ruined manor with its many towers still stand just east of Rauthauvyr's Road.