Dusty Conclave

The Dusty Conclave is an organization of the Walker in the Wastes prestige class. The group is the source of materials for creating sand golems and salt mummies as well as controlling the secrets of becoming a dry lich.

Membership is by invitation only and members are expected to do the conclave's work assiduously. This task is not too hard, since all in the Dusty Conclave have the same goal - to spread the waste to every part of the world. Members must expand the borders of their patrol and leave clear warnings to all who would interfere. They must defend the waste, whether personally or through the artificial guardians they create. If the conclave calls, they go to war.

While a walker can attain the class's lesser abilities through his own efforts, the special materials and ancient lore required to craft sand golems and salt mummies that are so indispensable to his work comes from the Dusty Conclave. The Sere Rite of the walker's ultimate preservation also requires the participation of a dry lich, and only these most ancient walkers possess the knowledge of the materials and magic needed for that transformation.

The Dusty Conclave has few members, so each walker patrols a large tract of the waste. They gather at most once a year, usually at midsummer noon to participate in ritual magic, exchange news, and address pressing issues. The conclave also maintains and passes on in knowledge of crafting sand golems and animating salt mummies to those deemed worthy of such know. To demonstrate their worthiness, a walker must undertake a mission for the conclave. Usually this mission involves furthering the spread of the waste in some way: drying up a village's water supply to force the inhabitants out, making a pilgrimage and an offering to a desert dragon, or establishing diplomatic ties with efreet or other dangerous waste spirits. If the conclave is satisfied that the walker has performed the task well, it introduces him to the higher mysteries. Otherwise, the conclave withholds the secrets of mummification and immortality (in game terms, the character does not progress beyond 7th level in the prestige class).

Enemies: Bhukas hate walkers in the waste with a deep passion, they view such beings as the antithesis of their mother deity, since the walkers seem dedicated to undoing her great works. The presence of a walker is one of the few things that drive this peaceable race to take up arms.

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