The Thunder Peaks and the Storm Horns - Rumors

I have heard multiple stories about a tribe of aarakocra living close to Castle Crag. One story goes that a group of them were soaring in the air as they are wont to do, when they spied a very bright and shiny object down below. It's said that this was the magical sword belonging to a captain in the Purple Dragons, and that he was training with it on a lonely outcropping of rock. The birds swooped down in a surprising ambush, stunned the guard and took the sword. This event is not widely known, for the sword is believed to have been previously stolen from the lair of a dragon (a dragon that is still alive and searching for both the sword and the soldier), so the soldier could not raise too much of a ruckus about losing his sword when he was not supposed to have it in the first place. It may be possible to persuade the aarakocra to surrender the sword in favor of something more brilliant and shiny.

Something terrible is mauling bears in the Thunder Peaks. This creature, whatever it is, is obviously terribly ferocious. A merchant traveling along the plains between the peaks and Hullack Forest saw something in his path that appeared to be a mound of dirt. It was curiously shaped so he went up to it. Suddenly, the mound moved. A large tarp-like creature, brownish, flat and roughly square-shaped, moved off the carcass of another dead bear. It flowed silently and smoothly like water off the carcass and undulated quickly away from the merchant like a brown sheet carried by the wind. He was too frightened to pursue the creature on his horse. This is a new creature, probably created by an evil mage.

The displacer beast rids in the northern region of the Thunder Peaks took place for a reason. Someone wanted to cause a great deal of havoc among the native wildlife population. I have not been able to return to the area to see what has taken the place of what was cleared by the beasts, but I have heard many rumors about strange lights visible at night in that area. A great sense of foreboding looms over Tilverton. There is fear that a creature from another dimension has decided to take residence in the peaks.

Elminster's Ecologies