Shadowdale Town (1368 DR)

The civic center of Shadowdale is nothing more than a triple handful of buildings scattered along the main road (the North Ride) east of the Tower of Ashaba. Here are found the local inn and boardinghouse, the trader and the festhall, as well as a smattering of tradespeople who balance their clientèle between native farmers and travelers along the road.

Most of the buildings in the village of Shadowdale are of wood and built on a stone foundation. Cellars are common, though some are prone to floods in the spring. The structures are wooden frames daubed with mud and clay as patching, with one or two brick or stone homes. Fireplaces are common, and the smoke hangs thick in the vale on cold days. Ceilings are slate on the older and more important buildings (such as the Old Skull inn), and tightly wound and knotted thatch on more recent arrivals. In general, the buildings are constructed with an eye to the long cold winters. Windows are common, but so too are heavy shutters that are securely fastened even in early summer.

The community provides a quiet, tranquil lifestyle for those who are not regularly involved with dragon-slaying and orc-hunting. Many adventurers are lured from their active lives retirement (temporary or not) in quiet communities such as this. The most important day of the week is market day, when the areas in front of the Old Skull and in the shadow of Hangman's Knoll are packed with stands and merchants, both of the local and traveling varieties.


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Shadowdale (1368 DR).