Shrine to Tempus

Located across the northern road from the ditches and ramparts built to contain the invading Zhentarim forces in the Second Battle of Shadowdale, the shrine to Tempus commemorates both that battle and those individuals who have laid down their lives throughout the years to protect the Dales.

The shrine consists of two iron pillars framing an altar of black basalt. The front of the altar is marked with the symbol of Tempus in gold. Flowers are left at the temple to commemorate fallen warriors, and on the anniversary of the battle, bright ribbons are tied to the pillars.

The shrine is unattended, but is hallowed ground followers of Tempus. It can be assumed that the shrine has a number of powerful curses placed on it to prevent its desecration and robbery.

A second shrine to Tempus exists in the Tower of Ashaba itself. That shrine is used primarily by the fighters who act as guards there.

Shadowdale (1368 DR).