Sylune's Hut

This empty, roofless hut is not much to look at now, but it once was the home of the Witch of Shadowdale, Sylune, wife of the late Lord Aumry and sister to Storm Silverhand. The hut and the surrounding forest were considered Sylune's territory, and later lords such as Doust and Mourngrym gave her a broad leeway since to their minds she could have reclaimed the title of lord for herself.

Such was the nature of Sylune that she was not interested in such earthly matters, being concerned with the nature of magic itself. It has been assumed that her modest hut had a number of interdimensional gates that allowed her to come and go as she pleased within it.

Sylune perished the year before the Time of Troubles, killing an ancient red dragon and in turn being killed by it. Her (presumed) ashes were laid to rest on Watcher's Knoll with those of her husband, Lord Aumry.

Ownership of the land of Sylune's hut, like that of Mirrorman's Mill, has passed to Lord Mourngrym. His lordship has refused numerous attempts to claim, build, or farm on the land, which remains in the blasted condition it was after the dragon's attack. Mourngrym gives no reason for this other than that when the owner of the land returns, he will return it to her. Beyond that he says nothing more.

Shadowdale (1368 DR).