Religion in the Realms

Religion in the Realms is for the most part a private matter. A woman or man may call upon the gods to witness a statement or deliver a curse, or have a household shrine to a patron deity. It is common for individuals to worship (or at least attempt to placate) a number of gods in their everyday lives.

In addition to private worship, there are often locations which have been noted as being favored by the gods, or where the intervention of those gods (real or imagined) resulted in a great adventure or discovery. The home of a powerful (and usually deceased) alchemist may be considered to be favored by Gond Wonderbringer, or a battle site thought to be under the gaze of Tempus. Followers of these gods establish shrines in these locations. Such shrines have no established clergy, though they are considered hallowed ground the followers of the deity the shrine is dedicated to.

As communities grow, religion grows with them, such that large and populous faiths need gathering places for their increasing congregations. These gathering places are overseen by the priests of the various gods, their representatives in this plane. Such places are temples, and are not only a source of spiritual healing and peace, but are often sought out by adventurers for more material relief and healing.

There are two shrines and three temples in the Shadowdale area. All are relatively recent, given both the nature of Shadowdale's small community and the earlier regime of an agnostic lord, Joadath, who drove out most of the established faiths, good and evil.

Shadowdale (1368 DR).