The Pendant of Ashaba

The Pendant of Ashaba is a magical device created by the water wizard of Shadowdale shortly before he joined with the river that also bears his name. The Pendant has two known powers:

It is thought that this limitation to the Pendant's use of the know alignment spell is due to the limitations of Ashaba himself, but a minority (including Elminster himself) have put forward the idea that this version of know alignment is an improvement, since it bypasses "the everyday humdrum allegiances and petty vices of the people, and thereby prevents the local lord from dividing his people into good and evil camps."

The Pendant of Ashaba is a silver crescent moon, with the horns pointed upwards. It was originally hung from a plain thong, but during the rule of Aumry this was replaced with a simple silver chain crafted by the witch Sylune.

Shadowdale (1368 DR).