The Old Skull Inn

The Old Skull inn was built almost 90 years ago by Buldo Silvermane, father of the present proprietor, Jhaele Silvermane Before that, another building stood on this site, noted in local diaries and histories as the Twisted Tower Inn. Little other than its name and the fact it existed for 100 years is noted. The nature of its demolition is unrecorded and unmourned, as the impression remains that it was less than sterling quality.

The Old Skull is far removed from that earlier inn, such that its reputation is known throughout the Dalelands, and - Jhaele would venture - around the Moonsea and into Cormyr and Sembia as well. It is a common stop of adventurers, merchants, and travelers along the main road and is known for the honesty of its staff, the quality of its mead and drink, and its relative safety in the heart of Shadowdale.

Jhaele Silvermane (NG human female Ftr5), daughter of Buldo, maintains the inn. A powerful, no-nonsense woman, Jhaele is a fine judge of human nature and more than capable enough to distinguish between those in need and those who are playing on her sympathy. She has seen just about everything in her taproom, from powerful bards reducing the assemblage to tears, to extradimensional monsters reducing the furniture to splinters. Jhaele usually wears a leather apron over a white blouse and a leather skirt when working (in this she is AC 7, including a Dexterity bonus). She has also specialized with the thrown dagger, such that she gains a +1 to her attack roll and a +2 to damage when using a thrown dagger or knife (and in her work, one is always close at hand). She uses this ability most frequently in business, though, not self-defense - to bury a blade with the tab attached into the door ahead of fleeing deadbeats. This action usually needs to be done only once (to the applause of the tap room) to carry its message across. Jhaele had a large family, but all her sons and daughters have moved elsewhere to seek their fortunes. The exception is her eldest, Durgo, who runs the family farm north of the Old Skull.

Staff of the Old Skull Inn

Jhaele's staff is extremely competent and have been with her for years. They include:


Shadowdale (1368 DR).