Shrine to Mystra

Situated on the low rise behind the Temple of Tymora, the shrine to Mystra is a low step pyramid of three wide steps, 20 feet by 20 feet at the base and 10 feet by 10 feet at the top. The topmost step is inscribed only with the symbol of Mystra in silver against the dark stone.

The shrine has no priesthood or assigned caretaker and is tended to by its worshipers. These include townspeople hoping for a good result from some magical divination or healing, as well as passing travelers (primarily wizards). It is assumed, as with all shrines in populated areas, to have some form of magical protection against desecration. Such protection usually takes the form of a curse against those who seek to damage the shrine.

The faith of Mystra wished to establish the shrine on the ruins of Sylune's hut, but was prohibited from doing so by Lord Mourngrym. As a compromise, the shrine's current location allows a view of both Sylune's hut and the topmost level of Elminster's Tower.

A local legend has sprung up (spread by Luth Mlennon, it is believed) that anyone standing on the shrine and talking conversationally will be heard by Elminster in his tower. There is no indication if this is true or not.

Shadowdale (1368 DR).