Mother Tara (Festhall)

This two-story dwelling specializes in fine wines, good food, gaming, and sundry other "divertissements" for the traveler and the merchant. Prices are 10 gold for the evening, which includes a sumptuous banquet, dancing and singing, and the opportunity to lavish additional money on the gaming tables and the hired help. Mother Tara operates an aboveboard, straightforward operation, and is proud of her reputation, unsullied since that one time eight years ago one of her girls turned out to be a weretiger and had to be slain by Florin Falconhand. Mother Tara herself is a cheery halfling from the Vilhon reach, with dark, curly hair going gray. She is backed up by Brig, who is said to be a flesh golem with an illusion spell placed upon him (a lie, but one that Mother Tara uses to her advantage).

Shadowdale (1368 DR).