Ashabenford - Mistledale 1368 DR


Ashabenford (Small Town, 1,569): Ashabenford is the largest town in Mistledale, the market center for its widespread farmers, and as generally pleasant a place as anyone could hope to visit. The House Jaelre drow of Cormanthor have begun a campaign of fast raids and skirmishing to weaken the folk of Ashabenford and distract them from the new drow strongholds rising in the Elven Court. The cottages, homes, and businesses along the east bank of the River Ashaba weren't built for defense - and defense is what Ashabenford needs most now.

The map of Ashabenford illustrates a typical Dalelands village. Numbered locations are described below.

1. White Hart Inn: Under the proprietorship of the retired adventurer Holfast Harpenshield (NG male human Ftr9), this inn serves all folk of good heart passing through Ashabenford. Holfast is especially fond of good adventurers and gladly shares information and advice with any who seek it. He's also not above throwing a Sembian or Moonsea merchant out on the street if he decides he doesn't like the visitor's looks or manners. Lodgings cost 1 gp per night.

2. Thorm's Mill: Thorm Ubler (NE male human Exp3) is a miserly man who gladly lines his pockets as the owner of the only mill in Mistledale. Heldo and Parvus, his two good-for-nothing sons, are the town braggarts and bullies (both, CE male human War5), although they have somehow avoided being caught at anything serious enough to get themselves run out of town or worse.

3. Kaulvaeras Stables: At one of the better stables in the Dalelands, Kaulvaeras Greymantle (LN male moon half-elf Exp2/Ftr2) maintains a fine selection of riding horses and ponies. He also trains and breeds warhorses, although he only has 1d4-2 light warhorses and 1d4-3 heavy warhorses for sale in his stable in any given tenday.

4. Lhuin's Fine Leathers: Lhando Luin (NG male human Exp2) is an outstanding worker of leather. His goods are unusually inexpensive but well made, averaging about 10% less than the listed cost in the Player's Handbook.

1. The Velvet Veil: This small taproom and festhall is hardly worth the appellation when compared to the perfumed dens of such large cities as Waterdeep or Suzail. The entertainers and servants here pick up news from all corners of the Dalelands from whoever happens to be passing through.

6. Temple of Tyr: Raised only three years ago, this large and impressive temple marks Ashabenford as a more important community than the traveler might expect. The High Priest Nerval Watchwill (LG male.human Clr7 of Tyr) distrusts adventurers, and he is currently spending his time and effort aiding the Riders in defending the town against the Cormanthor drow raids.

7. The Ashabenford Arms: Older and more ostentatious than the White Hart, the Arms charges 1 gold and 6 silvers per night, but provides luxurious service by Dalelands standards.

8. Shrine to Chauntea: Now somewhat dwarfed by the newer and larger temple of Tyr, this small shrine is maintained by a priest named Jhanita Barasstan (NG female human Clr6 of Chauntea).

9. Arhlo's Fine Flasks: A brewery and distillery of some local note and exceptional quality, this business is run by a quiet, self-effacing man named Arhlo of Arabel (LG male human Exp4)

10. Multhimmer the Merchant: Multhimmer (CN male human Rog7) runs a general trading post, buying and selling almost anything. He occasionally deals in stolen goods, although he is careful not to traffic in goods stolen from locals.

11. Braunstar Wheelwright: The epitome of the stolid, thoughtful Dalesman with a tremendous store of common sense, Braunstar (LN male human Ftr1/Exp6) makes and repairs all kinds of wagons and carts.

12. Jarwain's Imports: Specializing in silks, spices, cottons, and lace imported from Cormyr, this small store is run by Jarwain (CE male moon half-elf Exp3) himself, a handsome fellow with fiery eyes and a softspoken manner. Jarwain's goods have steadily climbed in price of late, due to the unrest and disruption of trade in war-torn Cormyr.

13. Horsewater Pool: An open well serving all passersby, the Horsewater Pool is a local gathering place for neighborly gossip.

14. Harest's Pool: Local legends hold that a bandit captain of old hid a great treasure at the bottom of this pool. Every so often someone tries to dredge it up and finds nothing more interesting than muck and weeds.

15. House of the High Councilor: High Councilor of Mistledale Haresk Malorn owns a general store in the town and considerable lands nearby. He is no warrior or great lord, but he's an honest and wise merchant who is well liked by folk in the town. Haresk's house is the largest in Ashabenford, so the dale's Council of Six uses it as a seat of government. Plans to build a separate council building or have gathered dust for years, since no one really wants to pay for expensive public building.

16. Black Eagle Coster: Iletian Blackeagle (LN male human Ftr3) buys local grain, cheese, ale, and barrels of salted meat for sale Hillsfar and Harrowdale.

17. Almaes the Alchemist: Almaes (NG male gnome Wiz3/Exp3), more properly known as Almaestaddamir Auldcastle, produces and sells a variety of useful alchemical mixtures, including tanglefoot bags, sunrods, acid, antitoxin, and the occasional batch of smokepowder. He has cheerfully proposed to build a machine for flinging kegs of smokepowder into battle as a surprise for the next band of drow troublemakers, but High Councilor Haresk politely declined.

18. Jhaer Brightsong's House: A restless traveler, Jhaer Brighsong (CG female moon elf Brd6) is very rarely at home. She known as the best minstrel in Mistledale, but she spends her time wandering all the Dales, and some of the nearby lands as well. She delights in stories of old magic and doom averted, and sometime aids adventurers who share their tales with her.

19. Noristuor the Mage: Renowned for his habitual sour manner, sharp tongue, and frightening appearance, the wizard Noristuor (CN male tiefling Wiz8) took up residence in Ashabenford to avoid stupid interruptions in his researches - which he explains loudly and in profane terms to anyone causing said interruptions. The folk of Ashabenford don't like Noristuor, but he keeps to himself and on rare occasions consents to work magic for the town's benefit

20. Barracks of the Riders: This walled compound is the headquarters of the Riders of Mistledale. The Riders train Ashabenford militia in the courtyard and use the small keephouse as the town jail. Troublemakers are likely to be imprisoned here until the Councilor decides what to do with them.

21. Arvien's House: This is the home of Arvien Blackhair(LE female human Exp2/Rog4), a tin and pewtersmith with a reputation as the nosiest person in town. Arvien is actually a Zhent spy who carefully watches the activities of the council and the movements of the Riders. She is very good at her job, and the townsfolk, ignorant of her duplicitous mission, have suggested she might a good Councilor.

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