The High Dale's largest community is Highcastle, a trading stop and crossroads. It is named for the ancient keep known as the High Castle, once the home of a robber baron who ruled the Dale. The keep is now abandoned. Highcastle was briefly controlled by Zhentish forces during the Time of Troubles, but was freed by Elminster and a group of Harpers.

1. High Castle. Now in ruins, this keep was once the seat of Baron Amadin, a notorious bandit and brigand who levied a toll for the use of the pass below. In Amadin's day, the roads between Cormyr and Sembia were not yet built, and a fair amount of traffic used the Thunder Way. Caches of treasure are rumored to be hidden within the High Castle to this day. Highdalesmen speak of "the baron's gold" when referring to any crazy scheme or half-brained idea.

4. The Dale Council. This complex of buildings is surrounded by a pleasant grove and park. The council hall is in the center, flanked by the Watch barracks and the high constable's manor. Half a dozen militiamen are usually on guard here.

8. Arrowpoint. The home base of the Pegasus Archery Company, Arrowpoint consists of a small group of barracks and stables surrounded by an earthen rampart. Currently, the company has been hired to suppress raiders in the Stonelands, and only a training cadre and some new recruits can be found here.

Sellswords in search of work will be hired for 4 cp per day, or more (up to 5 sp per day for experienced warriors) if they can prove that they rate a sergeant's stripes. The prospective NCO will have to prove himself in hand-to-hand fighting, and then demonstrate a reasonable knowledge of small unit tactics.

High Dale (1368 DR)