Battledale: Essembra

The largest community of Battledale, Essembra is not even in Battledale. It lies about 30 miles north of the Dale, deep in the elven woods. Essembra was settled about 400 years ago, when the Ordulin-Hillsfar road was cut through the Elven Court. For hundreds of years it was a tiny roadside stop, hardly even a hamlet.

When Aencar rose to power in 1030 DR, he declared Essembra to be his seat since it was near his ancestral manor. Aencar's chief lieutenant, Ramorth Wyvernblade, took the title of Lord of Essembra and built his manorhouse there. Ilmeth, Ramorth's descendant, still lives there.


1. Ilmeth's Manor. War-Chancellor Ilmeth is an accomplished warrior who inherited the lordship of Essembra 16 years ago. The manor is impressive and its rooms are filled with coats-of-arms, banners, and other military memorabilia. The Lord's Men, Ilmeth's war-band, meet here when needed. Ilmeth's home is guarded by six men-at-arms who are quartered here.

3. Shrine of Tempus. While most worshippers of Tempus visit the nearby Abbey of the Sword, a large shrine to the Lord of Battle has existed on this site since the days of Aencar. Several of the Sword Priests from the Abbey take turns caring for the shrine.

5. Durn Blacksmith. The largest and finest smithy in Battledale, this enterprise is owned and operated by Durn the Red (LG male human Ftr6.) Durn is a hulking ex-fighter with arms like tree trunks and a generous, jovial manner. He spends most of his time crafting tools and horseshoes, but likes to forge beautiful long and bastard swords. He can forge a weapon of quality, but the price will be 10 times normal, and he will require 1d6+2 weeks of advance notice to prepare the materials.

7. Aencar's Watch. Local legend states that Aencar once waited here for elven reinforcements to help him against an incursion of orcs in Tasseldale. This rocky hilltop towers above the surrounding forest, and from its summit one can easily see Aencar's castle - about four miles to the south of Essembra.

8. North Field. Every spring through summer, dozens of tents and stalls clutter this glen, which is the site of Essembra's market. Merchants of Cormyr and Sembia sell their textiles and metal goods in exchange for Battledale's produce.

9. South Field. Battledalesmen journeying to Essembra for the market are provided with this open field to pitch their tents or sleep under their wagons.

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